Most Common Dreams And What They Mean

Dreams are one of the most mysterious aspects of our lives. There is no real way to control them and the content of our dreams can often get disturbing. After waking up from an especially thrilling or memorable dream, you can’t help but wonder: what does it really say about your life? Here are the 7 most common dreams and the meaning behind them.

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1. Falling

Falling from a height is a very common dream and there is just one popular way to interpret it. When you fall in your sleep, it means you are feeling anxious about a situation and unsure of its outcome. If the fall excites you rather than scare you, it means you are ready to embrace any challenge life has for you.

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2. A celebrity

In your dreams, you can often see yourself hanging out with a celebrity. The interesting thing here is that it may not even be a celebrity that you obsess with. The common interpretation of this dream is that something about this celebrity speaks to you personally: it can be a recent movie role, a line from the song lyrics, or something they said in an interview or on social media.

3. Death

Seeing yourself or someone you love die in your dream can be downright terrifying. Luckily, it doesn’t mean that you or another person are going to die in the near future. Seeing yourself die in your dream means that an important aspect of your life may come to an end, and someone else dying means you are scared of losing that person in real life.

4. Being pregnant

Whether you want to actually get pregnant in real life or you are not planning to have a baby yet, seeing yourself being pregnant in your dream is often nerve-wracking. Psychologists say that these dreams have nothing to do with being pregnant. They simply mean that you are about to produce or achieve something great: it can be an idea, a promotion at work, or a newly discovered talent of yours.

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5. Being naked

Being naked in public is one of the most embarrassing situations there is, so it’s not surprising that witnessing it in your dream can be uncomfortable. When you wake up and remember seeing a dream of yourself being naked around other people, it likely means that you lack confidence in your skills and talents, and are afraid of being exposed as someone who shouldn’t be there, whether it’s at work or in your friend group.

6. Losing teeth

Losing teeth is hardly something we look forward to, whether it’s happening in a dream or in real life. Losing one’s death is associated with getting old and losing the youthful attraction, as well as a certain level of physical health. When you are losing your teeth in your sleep, that’s precisely what it means: you are afraid of getting old and witness your body change.

At the same time, losing a tooth that has been causing you a lot of pain is actually a good thing when it happens in a dream – it means you are ready for positive changes in your life.

7. Being chased

When you wake up from a dream where you were being chased by someone, you normally experience an elevated heartbeat and perspiration. This kind of dream can be stressful, but it’s an important signal about what’s happening in real life. Being chased around in your sleep means you are trying to run away from your problems instead of confronting them. The chaser can turn out to be a feeling rather than a human.

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