Top 7 Free iPhone Photo Apps

These days most smartphones have built-in high quality cameras, which allows us to take stunning photos whenever we want without having to carry a heavy camera with us all the time. But when it comes to editing and enhancing the photos, smartphones often offer less functionality than computers, unless you know which phone apps to use. Here are 7 free apps that will let you edit your photos like a pro using just your iPhone.

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Photoshop Express

Photoshop has been the leader in PC photo editing market for a while, and their attempt to create a great iPhone photo app also turned out to be a success. This app gives you everything you expect from an Adobe app, including a wide range of features and lots of presets, which is why you can effortlessly make your photos look professional.


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Aviary Photo Editor

If you’re not trying to make your pictures appear more artistic, but simply want to have fun while editing the photos, this is the app for you. Aviary allows you to add text over the photo, as well as draw over the image. You’ll also find the standard selection of editing features and capabilities here. And if you’re in a particularly good mood, use the Meme mode and create hilarious memes in a matter of seconds.


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Out of hundreds of iPhone photo apps, Instagram is probably the most famous one, and for a lot of good reasons. We all know about the endless features found inside the app and its wide communication capabilities. However, what Instagram does best is the filters. No matter what kind of photo filter you have in mind, you’re almost guaranteed to find it on Instagram, so you just have to do a couple of clicks to make your photos look fantastic.


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This app has created a lot of buzz in the iPhone community recently, and you could have already seen photos created with Prisma in your Facebook or Instagram feed. This app is the best when it comes to turning ordinary photos into true art. By using sophisticated software and an endless variety of filters and effects, you can surprise anyone with your edited pictures, since they are too beautiful to miss.


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Snapseed is the one of the most popular choices for professional photographers who also do iPhone photography. Although it’s pretty easy to use even for beginners, the collection of editing tools is unmatched. There you can find everything, from basic color, cropping, and sharpening tools, to more advanced features like brushes, object removal tool, and various filters designed for enhancing your photos.


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VSCO is one of the apps famous for its range of photo editing filters, but, unlike many other apps, where filters may look too harsh, VSCO filters look exquisite and actually resemble classic movie effects with a soft, faded look. Every filter can be adjusted to fit your taste, which means you can create dozens of different looking artworks using just one iPhone photo. Plus, you can also use VSCO as a camera app.


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Horizon Camera

Our last app is slightly different from the rest, as it’s designed for tweaking videos instead of photos. It’s a well-known fact that vertically recorded videos are considered to be a huge misstep for iPhone users, and this app doesn’t let you make this mistake. Whenever you try recording a vertical video, this app will automatically crop a landscape-mode piece of the screen, allowing you to hold the iPhone in a comfortable position and still take the video properly.


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