5 Most Useful Mobile Applications For Traveling

Smartphone is not an item of luxury any more – nowadays it has become an item of necessity. If you leave your cell phone at home, you will definitely feel yourself helpless. And if you don’t take your smartphone with you when going on the trip, it might turn out a complete failure. On the contrary to old good mobile phones, the modern smartphones come with the applications that are able to ease our life significantly. So what are they – the most useful mobile applications, which are necessary to have on your phone when going on vacation?

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#Mandic magiC


For the majority of people it is important to stay online 24/7 even when on vacation. And Mandic magiC is just that application that will help you find all Wi-Fi hot-points and will provide you with the passwords. You can even prepare beforehand – just check all Wi-Fi access points and save all passwords on your route – and enjoy your vacation!

#Find My Car


It might seem funny, but it is easy to lose your car when walking along unfamiliar streets and locations. When you are in a completely unfamiliar city or place, you can easily forget where you parked your car. So Find My Car application will help you find the loss right where you left it, and will even show you the route on the map.



It is recommended to check the weather before going somewhere on vacation. WheatherPRO is just that mobile application, which will not only show you the weather forecast for the location you choose, but it will also provide you with the real temperature of the air, as well as the “temperature of perception”.

#Prey Anti Theft


What if your smartphone together with all useful applications will disappear? What if you become a theft’s victim? In order to prevent such kind of situation, install Prey Anti Theft on your phone. Though, it cannot give you any guarantee that your phone won’t be stolen, but in case it happens, the service will help you find it. Moreover, it regards to not only your phone, but a tablet and a laptop. The application can be installed on all of these devices simultaneously and each one of them can catch the signal of the lost device. The synchronized devices can always show the allocation of the device, as well as block it and even turn the signalization on.



It’s easy to get lost in a completely unfamiliar place. AroundMe will help you find everything that is out of your line-of-sight. With this application, you can find the nearest places of interest, restaurants, hotels, bars, etc. For the drivers, an exceptionally useful information will be the points of refueling stations.

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