Advantages Of Solar Energy

Traditional sources of energy are becoming scarcer and scarcer. Energy resources are very expensive and largely affect the economies of many countries now. In many countries the problem of energy dependence is especially urgent for many reasons, including a shortage of gas and coal.

Private solar mini power plants have now become perfectly capable of complementing or even replacing the super-expensive energy sources.

Just two days before the kick-off of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, students of the Madiba-a-Toloane High School install 26 120W solar panels on the roof of the school hall. These panels will supply a public viewing area in the hall where 600 people of the rural village of Jericho can watch the World Cup games.

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What is solar energy system?

There are such systems already operating in private homes. In their classic form they consist of:

Solar panels charge the battery pack through the controller. With the help of the inverter you can use the accumulated energy for your own needs.


There are two types of complete solar power systems:

  • self-contained solar systems, used in case there is no central power supply at all;
  • combined solar systems are used if the power supply does not meet certain requirements.

Autonomous system operates independently and is not tied to any other source of energy. The system has a big disadvantage: during the prolonged absence of the sun, for example, in winter, the user will have to do without any power supply at all.

The combined solar system is used as the main source of energy, but it allows switching to another source, if there is not enough sun energy.


Installation costs

Installing residential solar system is not cheap. Not every home owner can afford it. Moreover, the installation of the system will start to pay off only in decades.

It is necessary to take into account that each object is unique. It is possible to build a low-power system, for example, to provide only for light bulbs. Another option would be providing for total consumption of all the appliances in the house. Obviously, the price of these systems will be completely different.


Advantages of solar power system:

  • it is widely accessible and inexhaustible energy source. You will get free energy from the sun, a very reliable power source;
  • independence from official electricity sources: you will not be dependent from possible problems that can occur in the company that supplies electricity;
  • long term of solar-powered system service (25 years or more);
  • the solar system does not require constant maintenance, and the likelihood of failure is very low;
  • high efficiency: with an area of just ten square meters you can get up to 1 kW of electricity. In the afternoon, during the summer period, this source of energy is quite capable of providing for the whole house. If you double the size of the panel, it will enable you to generate solar energy in the quantity of almost 500 kWh of electricity per month. That’s enough for even the heating system;
  • modularity. With an increase in power consumption and / or financial resources of the homeowner who uses solar panels as a source of power, one can increase the system capacity by adding additional photovoltaic modules;
  • solar panels do not need fuel, which makes it possible to depend neither on the price of it, nor on the problems with transportation;
  • solar panels are quiet compared to wind or water-power system that can produce a lot of noise;
  • solar panels are absolutely environmentally safe.


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