Multicoloured Braid Styles You Would Love

We all have different tastes when it comes to choosing a new hairstyle, but sometimes you want to let loose and add some colour to your new ‘do. Multicoloured braids are your best option, as they come in a variety of styles, are easy to maintain, and will fit any personality. Here are 10 multicoloured braid styles you will love!

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1. Layered braids

You can create a fantastic colourful look with just two colours, but using more shades is a quick and easy way to success. Choose three or more of your favourite colours, arrange them neatly in layers on your head, and your braided hairstyle will look fresher than ever.

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2. Rainbow braids

When you want to add a pop of colour to your hairstyle and you don’t want to settle for something subtle and understated, rainbow braids are your best bet. These adorable rainbow braids are done in an ombre technique and can be the hairstyle upgrade you’ve been looking for.

3. Unicorn braids

Light blue, pink, and lilac are the three colours normally associated with everything magical like fairytale princesses and unicorns. If unicorns seem to be your current aesthetic as well, here is a braid idea you will definitely enjoy seeing on your own head.


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4. Braid highlights

In case you want to upgrade your hairstyle but are not ready to go all the way with colour, you can start by adding a few colourful highlights to your braids. These rainbow statement braids will make your hairstyle more eye-catchy while still making you feel as comfortable as ever.


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5. Gray braids

When talking about multicoloured braids, we are not just talking about rainbow hues and other striking shades. Gray is also a colour, and more importantly, it looks fantastic in braids. Gray hair has been all the rage for several years now and it always looks in vogue.

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6. Neon braids

When you are looking for a new hairstyle to rock to a vacation or simply want everyone to notice your upgraded look, consider getting neon braids. Neon shades of green, pink, yellow, blue, and purple are impossible to miss and are always trendy.


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7. Two-toned braids

When you want to give your braids an upgraded look but are not in the mood for bold and bright hues, then a two-toned braid hairstyle is your perfect option. It features just two shades, usually perfectly natural, and therefore doesn’t put any pressure on you to match your outfits or makeup to your hair.


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8. Ombre braids

Another great option for a subtle pop of colour in your new braids is the ombre technique. It can be done with any colours, including the boldest ones, but it looks particularly good when natural hair colours, like these brown and black shades, are used.

9. One-colour braids

Today we mostly talked about multicoloured braids, but it’s clear that single-coloured braids can be just as pretty and striking. There are dozens of colours you can go for besides black, and we were personally very impressed by these bold orange braids.


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10. Pastel braids

With just a few weeks left until spring, it’s time to think about your spring look updates, which can include not only new clothing, but also new braids. Pastels are a true spring must-have, so it makes perfect sense to wear them on your head!

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