Audi Car Specs And Facts

For decades Audi has hold a top spot in any luxury car rating. An incredibly versatile automotive brand, Audi has launched dozens of successful models that range from elegant coupes to impressive SUVs. Audi used cars are as popular as new ones, because Audi vehicles are famous for their high resale value and keeping their looks and mechanics in an original condition for years. Find out which Audi models are the most noteworthy and find the one for you!

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History of Audi

Although Audi has been around for many years and enjoyed critical acclaim and financial success, the defining moment, the one that truly put the brand on the luxury vehicle map, happened in March 1980, when the world was first introduced to the Audi Quattro, an all-wheel drive sport coupe that went on to become a huge hit both with the audience and the critics. Since then the brand has only cemented its position in the luxury segment of the car market, introducing one visually appealing and powerful model after another. Even though you’ll find every imaginable body style in Audi’s lineup, the brand’s strongest point is still the sedan, and here are three must-see Audi sedan models.


Audi A3

The history of the Audi A3 dates back to the mid-1990s, when it was first introduced in Europe. This model achieved international recognition a decade later as an entry-level luxury sedan. The A3 is not as large as many other Audi sedans, but with the right options and additional equipment it can provide as much power and thrill as the more expensive models.


Both on the outside and inside the Audi A3 is made to comply with the highest quality standards, which means you can expect high-end materials, flawless design, and precise mechanics. The outstanding driving experience needs to be mentioned as well, because there are not too many similarly priced sedans that give you the level of joy provided by riding the A3.

Audi A7

At first glance, the Audi A7 sports the same look as most coupe-styled luxury sedans made by Audi in the recent years, but a closer look reveals a completely redesigned body, which is lower, wider, and made to resemble the top luxury coupes of the last decade. The cargo and passenger space provided by the model is surprisingly ample for this segment of cars.


The Audi A7 has a lot more to offer than just stylish looks, as the mind-blowing performance is paired with the refined interior design, offering the buyers to experience true luxury in a form of an expertly build sedan. Despite a lofty price tag, the A7 has a large number of happy owners who can’t get enough of its power, precise steering, and overall enjoyable ride.

Audi A8

The Audi A8 is one of the newest models to leave the Audi assembly line, and it’s already been marketed as the brand’s flagship vehicle. If you’re an experienced buyer who is looking for maximum luxury, space, and performance, there is no other model you need to consider. The aluminium frame and body panels add an extra luxurious feel to the exterior, while the top-of-the-line materials create an unforgettable interior.


The A8 is famously well-equipped, but what’s especially notable is the brand’s masterful use of electronics. No matter which trim level of the Audi A8 you get, you can expect electronics to play a major part in your car’s performance, and you’re definitely going to enjoy it. Other high-tech characteristics include adaptive cruise control, night vision, touchpad interface, and automatic emergency braking.

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