How To Choose Comfortable Underwear

Regardless of our personal style and preferences, underwear is not only an item that can be found in every wardrobe, but also the thing that is the closest to our skin, whether we are at home, at work, in a restaurant, or at a party. That is why it’s essential for underwear to fit our bodies perfectly. If you didn’t have any luck finding comfortable underwear in the past, here are some tips that will definitely help, so use them next time you shop for clothing accessories.

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Choose the size right

Knowing your size is the first step on your way to comfortable women’s underwear, especially if you prefer shopping online without the ability to physically assess the size. You should take your measurements every time before buying new underwear, because your size can fluctuate even if you haven’t put on or lost large amounts of weight recently. Don’t try to flatter yourself by choosing a bra or panties that are a size too small – not only does small underwear feel extremely uncomfortable, but it can also make you look heavier than you really are.


Find your ideal style

Underwear for women comes in such a wide variety that in every clothing store you will find dozens of types of panties and bras. Every style has a different look from each other, as well as advantages and disadvantages that can depend not only on their appearance, but also on your size, build, personal preferences, and your everyday style. For example, popular types of panties include briefs, bikinis, boy shorts, things, and hipsters. Women with slim hips can benefit from shorts and hipsters that will make their hips look fuller, while ladies with curvier bodies, then panties with a higher cut leg can be their perfect choice.


Care for your underwear

When you’re trying to make your underwear experience more comfortable, don’t forget that further care matters as much as the type of underwear or the quality of the fabric. Every piece of underwear you buy comes with a label containing instructions for washing and drying for that particular piece of clothing, and it is strongly advised to follow these instructions. Proper care can extend the life cycle of your bras and undies while keeping the fabric soft and bright. A good idea is to use a special lingerie washing bag that prevents damage from the washing machine.


Remove the labels

This small tip can get you rid of discomfort that often occurs while wearing brand new underwear. Labels are often made out of rigid materials that can rub against your skin, causing irritation and other unpleasant sensations. As soon as you’ve brought your new underwear home, carefully remove the labels and try not to damage the delicate lingerie fabric. Then place the labels in your drawer, so that you won’t lose the care instructions printed on the labels.


Follow the lifespan of your underwear

Lingerie is never the cheapest part of our wardrobes, which is why it’s especially frustrating when you have to toss your old underwear and buy new one. However, due to the construction and materials, underwear actually has limited lifespan. For example, an average pair of panties shouldn’t be worn for more than 6 months. Of course, everything depends on how often you wear a particular piece and how big your lingerie collection is. However, if you’ve noticed that your underwear has lost its elasticity, began to sag, and the colors don’t look as bright as they used to, it might be time to go underwear shopping.


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