iPhone 7 Against iPhone 6s: What’s New?

Apple introduced the iPhone 7 a few days ago. What rumors have come true, and what is the same in comparison with last year’s flagship – iPhone 6s? Although many of the functions are identical, there are a few updates that, no doubt, are user-friendly.


The length, width or thickness of the shell did not change even a millimeter.


But the newcomer is the 5 grams lighter: 138 grams as compared to 142.


The same aluminum. Only now,  the plastic strips for antennae are removed from the shell. Antenna itself was moved into the body.

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To Black “matte black” was added, replacing the “dark space.” Shades name game still actual. Familiar silver, gold and “pink gold” did not disappear.


Virtually nothing has changed with the display. All the same 4.7 inches, the same type – IPS (however, it is promised to be up to 25 percent brighter), all at the same resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels with a density of 326 units, the same understanding of the pressing force to the screen thanks to 3D touch technology.


Nobody yet has no idea about the new capacity of the battery in the iPhone 7. Just say it will run for 2 hours longer. In iPhone 6s it was of 1715 mAh.


Someone said that the headphone jack will be removed due to the fact that the new shell would be too thin for them. But, as you can see above, the housing dimensions have not changed a millimeter but appear wireless headphones AirPod.

Hydro protection

The fact that a new shell is water-resistant and dust-proof by IP68 certification, allows  the new iPhone to dive to a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. Headphone jack 3,5 mm largely prevented this possibility.

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The main camera is double now. The front facing camera is also improved by 2 megapixels. The lens has improved 1.8 against 2,2 F that will allow you to capture more light. An optical image stabilization has appeared. And now a four-LED flash illuminates the photographs instead of a double. How did it affect the quality of the footage is difficult to say.

Fingerprint Sensor

Touch ID, due to the assurances of the company, has become a little faster. It is still placed on the front of the physical key Home. Home button itself has become more versatile by adding functions to the navigation.


No one also has no idea how much Apple measured out of memory for new iPhone. The old one has 2 GB of RAM. Probably nothing has changed.


The thing that exactly has changed is a processor. Apple says that it has become twice as fast and twice as rooted in the graphic. However,  the operating clock frequency is far unknown.

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Built-in memory

Additional removable memory cards are not added, but now the entry-level configuration starts at 32 GB. There are options for 128 and 256 GB. Earlier versions were only 16, 32, 64 and 128 Gb.


Both smartphones are moving to iOS 10. So that the new iPhone will get it out of the box, and the old is able for an upgrade. But the meaning is the same.

The initial price

If you take the old device, clean it with plastic antennas (placed inside), completely remove the headphone jack, waterproofed, change the CPU and replace the camera, as well as add to the price tag of $ 100, you get a new iPhone 7. Perhaps it has more RAM or battery.

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