30 Latest Chiffon Top Styles In Nigeria 2017

Chiffon is a very light, semi-transparent type of fabric. Clothes made from it are usually soft and are capable of creating a kind of fantasy feeling. Moreover, they can be worn anywhere – from semi-formal occasions to your everyday occurrences, like going for the groceries.

There is a huge variety of chiffon styles, so here are some chiffon tops, that will most certainly be popular in 2017.

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1. Floral patterns

Chiffon blouse with a floral pattern is a classic piece of clothes from 1960s. Now, this style is coming back, and it looks great as a casual look in combination with ripped pale-blue jeans.

There are quite a few variations of this concept with different shades and sizes of the flowers and different main colors, you can even find traditional Nigerian chiffon styles, but all in all most of them can also create very classy and elegant look with a skirt or on the dress.

2. Warm monochrome blouses

Beige, light pink and yellow colors are the most popular choices for this style. They will greatly reinforce your femininity in couple with shorts or skirts. They are also look good with the same-colored blazer or jacket. Knitted sweaters also look great with chiffon.

3. Bright monochrome shirts

Brightly-colored green, red and blue beautiful chiffon tops create a great fun and spring-like feeling. Lately, they are often used in combination with skirts or light-colored pants. Sleeveless shirts are becoming more popular, too.

One of the latest chiffon styles it to wear it partially tucked, as this trick makes your waist look slimmer without creating unwanted bulges of spare material on your sides. But never go for a partial tuck with the top and bottom of the same color, as it won’t create a needed contrast for your waist.

4. Loose semi-transparent blouses

These blouses are better worn on dresses and shirts, as it may be too saucy to wear on its own. Of course, don’t tuck them, as they can fold in an unwanted manner and, furthermore, it will be difficult to make smooth again. Also, it would be a bad idea to combine them with wide skirt, as it will make both your hips and waist look wider.

5. Tops with pattern of folds

There are blouses with specially created pattern of folds, usually they are arranged horizontally. Such patterns create an optical illusion, which will make your waist to look thinner. If you want to emphasize your curves while wearing this blouse, it would be a good idea to wear high-waist skirt or trousers.

6. Shirts with cuffs and a collar

This style usually includes a light blouse with darker brown or black cuffs and a collar, sometimes with geometrical ornaments. These shirts are great on their own and with a jacket or a blazer. They create a formal style, which is great for business meetings and interviews.

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