Funke Akindele: 11 Things You Should Know About Her

As the third largest movie industry in the world, Nollywood has kick-started hundreds of successful careers, and Funke Akindele is one of the most prominent Nollywood movie stars. Fans follow Funke’s career, relationships, and other aspects of her life.

While Funke Akindele often gives interviews and is always ready to share new details, there are still plenty of things even the biggest fans aren’t aware of. Check out Funke Akindele latest news and learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about the actress!

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1. Funke Akindele: birth and early life

1. Age

Many fans are wondering: how old is Funke Akindele? Ms. Akindele never kept her age and date of birth a secret, which is why now everyone can finally learn that the actress was born on August 24, 1976, which means that Funke Akindele age is currently 40, and she’ll turn 41 in a few weeks.

2. Name

Although we’re used to calling her Funke Akindele, the beloved Nigerian actress was born under a different name. A quick glance at the Funke Akindele biography reveals that the girl born in Lagos on August 24 was first known Akindele Olufunke Ayotunde.

3. Education

It’s not uncommon for Nigerian movie stars to skip higher education altogether in a hope of making it big in cinema. However, Funke Akindele decided to go another route, and actually has not one, but two degrees: one in mass communications, and another one in law. Luckily, she decided to pursue her acting dreams instead of building a corporate career.

2. Career

4. Early roles

Although Funke Akindele achieved tremendous success in movies, like many Nigerian actors, she started her career on TV as the leading star of the teen-oriented show called I Need To Know, which portrayed family values and enjoyed a multi-season run.

5. First success

Funke Akindele has been steadily working for nearly a decade, but her first truly successful role was in the 2009 movie Jenifa, which was such a hit with the audience that Funke not only landed a lead role in a spin-off series but also got her nickname – she is often affectionately called Jenifa by her fans.

6. Other commitments

Funke Akindele is much more than an accomplished Nigerian actress. She has also produced numerous movies and TV shows, including the ones based on her Jenifa character. In addition to that, Funke is also a talented screenwriter. Overall, Funke Akindele has won dozens of prestigious awards for her achievements in acting, writing, and producing.

7. Philanthropy

Funke Akindele is one of the most generous and caring Nollywood stars. Her main charity organization is called The Jenifa Foundation and is dedicated to helping young Nigerians find their calling and achieve success in life.

3. Personal life

8. Marriages

Everyone has always been wondering: who is Funke Akindele husband? The actress has actually been married twice. The first Funke Akindele wedding took place in 2012 to Adeola Kehinde Oloyede. However, the marriage was a short-lived, as the two divorced a year later.

There was a fabulous Funke Akindele traditional wedding, but, unfortunately, it didn’t help the couple stay together. Funke didn’t remain single for too long, and in May 2016 she married rapper JJC Skillz in a beautiful London ceremony.

9. Children

Funke Akindele has repeatedly stated her desire to become a mother, but she hasn’t given birth yet. Fans are looking forward to a Funke Akindele child as much as the actress herself. In the meantime, the actress enjoys being a stepmom to the three children JJC had in previous relationships.

10. Beliefs

Funke is very proud of her Yoruba heritage and isn’t shy to state her beliefs. For example, she believes it’s wrong for a woman to announce her pregnancy without a permission from the elders in the family. Perhaps that’s why we haven’t heard about Funke Akindele expecting yet?

11. Secret of youth

Despite being 41 years old, Funke Akindele looks as good as women half her age. What is her beauty secret? According to the actress, there is no secret at all: in order to look good, you need to eat right and exercise regularly. Funke is especially fond of soups – she believes they’re both nutritional and great for her appearance.

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