Which Phones Do Nigerian Politics Use

Smartphones are an important part of our everyday life. They’ve not only become a reliable and indispensable method of communication, but they also implement dozens of other tasks.

From managing appointments to calculating risks and profits, a smartphone is a perfect tool for any businessman, especially for the managers of a whole country – politicians.

Being a politician means being always alert, always ready and always able to respond. That’s why smartphones are even more important for them, even if some of them think that it is more of a toy than a tool.

Although politicians are good at keeping secrets about their property, here are a few of the mobile phones that would prove to be really useful in their job.

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1. Blackberry KEYone

Blackberry has always been a company that provided the best solutions for business. They have been developing and upgrading the ways their phones help busy and powerful people. And now they’ve combined their familiar solutions, like QWERTY keyboard, with new technologies. KEYone is one of the most private Android phones, which is why it is a perfect choice for a politician.

2. Samsung Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7 is a reliable, durable and relatively affordable piece of technology. It might not be as fancy or as big as the newest member of the Galaxy series, but it serves its purpose well. Its Android operating system makes it a phone with lots of purposes, but with the right apps installed it will become the perfect tool for a politician.

3. iPhone 7

Apple is one of the most popular tech companies in the world, their new products are bought off even before they are announced.

And it is no wonder, as Apple offers products of great quality and full customer support. iPhones have some great apps, and they certainly have a status that would suit a man of a higher tier.

4. Tecno Camon CX

Tecno is one of the most popular smartphone brands in Nigeria. Although they offer smartphones of a budget category, they still have a great quality to them.

This latest Tecno phone is a great example of such a great quality to quantity ratio. Furthermore, the owner of the company is a Nigerian businessman, which means that by getting this phone Nigerian politician would support Nigerian industry.

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