Add FREE Ad on Jiji Easy Even For Medieval Knight! Stepwise Instruction

504.bYou have stuff you don’t need anymore and want to sell it, but when visit Jiji sale you can’t make your mind to post ad? It’s safe and easy! We prepared step-by-step instruction with all the explanations! Get ready to start Jiji sale!

For example, Green pin found grandpa’s helmet. It laid under sofa in kitchen since last  crusade, like a trophy.

First step – go to Jiji main page and press “Post FREE ad”


2Carefully fill all the fields with “*” to describe your article.

Try to make clear photos from all the sides, just like I did with helmet. make close photo of drawbacks (if there is any) and all important features! I moved the visor to show that still can move.


Give detailed description, point all characteristics of the article.



 Press “Post FREE Ad” button and you almost done!

The last step – to register on Jiji! You can login with Facebook – it is the easiest way. If you have no Facebook account ar don’t want to use it – you can register with E-mail – see below.


Appear window – follow next step:


Next page you can close or visit Jiji main page!


If you skip it you will see that your post was added:


And here is example how to register with E-mail:


When typing phone number – do not use anything except digits – I used spaces and failed several times)))


In both cases check your E-mail box and confirm it to and finish registration.



Why you should register
Jiji is the place where people sell different stuff. If you use Jiji for a while in your account you will see all the messages from another users. Your contact information is guarantee thart you are REAL PERSON.

And here is how Jiji profile looks:


You can see your ad)

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Have a nice day with Jiji!