Hot Selling Products You Can Import, Sell And Make Money In Nigeria

If you look at the biographies of the world’s most famous and richest businessmen, you will likely realize that most of them made their fortunes by sales. Ideally, you should be selling something you produce yourself, but if that’s not an option, here are 10 ideas of products you can import to Nigeria and sell for a high profit.

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1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not just the perfect accessory to complete someone’s look – they are also a necessity if you want to protect your eyesight from the harmful UV rays. The sunglasses fashion changes every season, so keep up with the trends and import fashionable sunglasses that are reasonably priced.

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2. Food products

Nigeria produces a lot of food groups, but the country also imports more foods than you can imagine. It’s safe to say that the most popular food groups, such as rice and flour, are already represented by the biggest players of the industry, but you can successfully import beverages, snacks, spices, sweets, and other underrepresented food groups to the Nigerian market.

3. Hair

Even though more and more women are going fully natural with their hair, many Nigerian females still want to make their hair longer and thicker by using extensions. You can import human or fake hair, loose hair or ready-made braids, full wigs and weaves or individual strands – the choice is up to you.

4. Supplements

If there is one trend that is universal for the whole world, it’s that everyone wants to be and remain healthy, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. Importing effective vitamins and supplements from renowned manufacturers will not only allow you to make cash, but will also help you fellow citizens support their health.

5. Dashboard cameras

Dashboard cams are one of the most important car inventions of the 21st century. A dashboard camera allows you to protect your interests in case of a dangerous situation on the road and prove you are not the culprit. Dashboard cams are not produced in Nigeria, so importing them and selling them to drivers can be very profitable.

6. Menstrual cups

More and more women are now considering switching to menstrual cups for several reasons: it’s environmentally friendly, money-saving, and convenient. As more women will make the switch in the next few years, you can occupy the niche and import menstrual cups from overseas to sell them in Nigeria.

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7. Mobile phone accessories

Smartphones are now cheap enough in Nigeria for millions of buyers to afford them, and phone owners always want to spice up their devices with the help of different accessories. The most popular phone accessories to import are obviously phone cases, but you can also make a fortune on memory cards, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and chargers.

8. Development toys

Early development is now a growing trend among parents in Nigeria, and the easiest and most effective way to develop a baby’s skills and talents is through play. Development toys, including construction blocks, Montessori toys, wooden toys, and puzzles can be successfully imported from China to Nigeria.

9. Fashion accessories

The one thing that unites all Nigerians is that they care a lot about the way they look. They want to appear impeccable, and there is no better way to elevate one’s look than a couple of trendy fashion accessories. From jewelry and watches to shoes and bags – there are hundreds of items you can import to Nigeria and sell like hot cakes.

10. Cosmetics

The cosmetics industry is on the rise in Nigeria. There are now dozens of establishes local brands that produce makeup, skin care, and body care products. However, there is also a huge market for imported cosmetics. Popular makeup and skin care brands will always sell well in Nigeria, and you may even discover the next most popular brand in your search for hot cosmetic items to sell.

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