Grasscutter Farming: This Business Will Make You Millions Soon!

Grasscutter farming is becoming increasingly popular in Africa and there are several reasons for that.

Grasscutter farming in Nigeria is a highly profitable business since the animal’s meat is tasty and very much loved in Nigeria and throughout Africa.

This business will help you earn at least N3million annually if you work hard enough. We’ll tell you how to launch grasscutter farming in Nigeria & become really wealthy!

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1. Grasscutter farming and management: the pros

  • Grasscutter meat is one of the top 5 most wanted meats all over Africa.
  • Grasscutter farming is extremely profitable business starting from the point when the animals start breeding.
  • The demand for this meat doesn’t fall.
  • This is a great idea of self-employment.

Having described the advantages of the business, we can proceed with our free step by step image on how to start grasscutter farming!

2. Grasscutter farming: a manual for beginners

2.1. Make a business plan

A business plan will take account of everything you will need for the business: grasscutters, cages, food, and care.

2.2. Examine grasscutter farming techniques

You can breed and raise them either in grasscutter farming cages or in a special house.

There exist 2 grass cutter housing types:

  • Grasscutter cages are perfect for a colony consisting of 1 male and 3 females. The dimensions:180 x 60 x 45cm. The grasscutter cage construction should be separate for every colony.

The type of Grasscutter Cage you need

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  • Grasscutter housing requirements: the eating place must be separated from the sleeping place.

Grass cutter farming: Grass cutter housing

Indeed this is the best design of a multple grasscuter housing(Hutch). The Hutch is designed to accomodate one male and one female grass cutter. Check it out

How to make sample grasscutter cages:

How to build a Grasscutter Customized cage

Raising Grasscutters in cages helps to make it easier to clean their house in the morning. In this video you will see the type of cage i recommend as it is being constructed.

2.3. Select the right breed

Choose your livestock by weight:

  • The females should be about the same weight.
  • The males should weigh from 0.5 to 1 kg more than the females.

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2.4. Feeding The Grasscutters

Their main feed is Elephant or Napier grass. They would also enjoy:

  • Sugarcane
  • Buffalo grass
  • Gamba grass
  • Congo grass
  • Broiler starter’s feed
  • Gliricidia sepium
  • Stylosanthes gracilis
  • Pueraria phaseoloides.
  • The root and pitch of oil palm and coconut palm
  • anacardium bark
  • various fruits: unripe pawpaw, plantain, pineapple, mango etc.
  • Groundnut, rice, maize, grain legume, cassava, sweet potato etc.
  • by-products: wheat bran, corn bran, soya, oilseed, cotton seed cakes, brewer yeast, grain legume pods, brewers’ grains, maize shucks and cobs, brewer’s yeast etc.
  • feed supplements.

Grasscutter feeding – close range view

Alltofarm Grasscutter Farming Demostration

2.5. Breeding & Reproduction

To start your farm, you will only need 1-2 male grasscutters and 10-15 females. Normally the male’s presence triggers the female ovulation.

Sexual Maturity:

  • The males reach their sexual maturity when they are about 8 months and weigh at least 2.5 kg.
  • The females should be at least 6.5 months and 1.8 kg.

Grasscutter Gestation Period lasts about 5 months.

How many litters per year are possible?

  • Grasscutters can have two litters per year consisting of 4-10 young grasscutters.

Grasscutter weaning or breastfeeding period:

It doesn’t normally last longer than 40 days after birth.

grasscutters mating

Grasscutters mating. This short intromissions are repeated several times until comprehensive mating has occured. For your grasscutter breeding stock and rearing equipments contact 08060043692

2.6. The market for grasscutters

This free grasscutter farming manual would be incomplete without the selling guide.

Expensive restaurants will order this meat in order to cook costly dishes. This meat is quite scarce so you will be able to sell everything very fast even to retail customers.

Grasscutter is a money making machine

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2.7. Profitability

Start-up Capital to launch the business:

  • 1 Colony = 5 grasscutters (1 male & 4 females) = ₦55,000
  • 5 Colonies = 25 grasscutters = ₦275,000
  • Housing = ₦80,000 for 5 colonies
  • Food = ₦40,000 annually
  • TOTAL = ₦395,000.

Expected income:

  • 1 female can have about 4 to 10 grasscutters in six months.
  • 5 females will give 20 to 50 grasscutters in six months.
  • 20 grasscutters = 100 pups in 6 months.
  • In 1 year, you may have at least 200 pups.
  • The grasscutters’ average weight is about 6 to 10 kg at the age of maturity.
  • One grasscutter can be sold for ₦7,000.
  • ₦7,000 x 200 = ₦1,400, 000.

Grasscutter farming’s lucrative

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