Joke Silva Fashion Styles You Will Love

Joke Silva is not only successful actress and businesswoman. She is one of the most stylish women that ever lived in Nigeria. Joke Silva started her career in the early 1990s after she graduated from Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Nowadays, the 56-year-old actress looks incredibly young and makes every head turn to her incredible outfits.

Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs family are happily married for many years. Together, they founded Lufodo Group and the Lufodo Academy of Performing Arts, providing more opportunities for talented youth and developing the Nigerian cinema. Besides acting and directing, the woman leads philanthropic activity, supporting female-targeted projects, educational and training programs related to women rights and emancipation. She is the inspiring example for many Nigerian women.

Olu Jacobs family

Joke Silva always impresses, whether she appears on the screen or attends a public event. Here are some of the styles that can completely knock you out.

What’s the secret?

  1. Personal style. Joke Silva does not follow trends – she creates trends. She has a recognizable personal style and reinvents it together with orders of the day. Besides, the actress understands the value of a talented stylist. Some say, working with Yolande Okereke helped her to find original style.
  2. Age. Clothes look pretty in case they are age appropriate. It is necessary to understand that every period in life has its own style requirements. Feeling young does not mean to wear teenage clothes. Joke Silva manages to look graceful all the time by choosing appropriate clothes.
  3. Minimalism. The abundance of colors and accessories is more likely to look ridiculous that luxurious. Sometimes mixing unexpected colors leads to interesting images, but Joke Silva shows how “less is more” rule works in practice.
  4. Details. It is also important to be aware of such basic notions as the color type and body shape and how they are related to choosing palette and fits.
  5. Accessories. The icing on the cake, the cherry on top – this is the effect of perfectly chosen accessories Joke Silva’s secret are headwraps, amazing shoes, and purses.
  6. Confidence. This is as important as stylish clothes. Some choose luxurious clothes that are not comfortable or simply do not feel right. It is necessary to feel comfortable with yourself and accept the way you look.

Joke Silva’s fashion styles

Traditional clothes

Joke Silva is the face of Nigeria. She is one of the most influential women that change the country for better. And the actress is perfect in what she does and the way she looks in traditional garment.

Joke Silva

Asymmetric models

Asymmetric corporate dinner dresses and tops are not for teenagers only. Light colors, geometric patterns, and plain skirt fit perfectly.

Joke Silva

Princess’s dress

Cream skirt and black top help to create the doll-like image, no matter how old are you.

Joke Silva

Little black dress

The black dress is classics, and Joke Silva wears it gorgeous.

Joke Silva

Floral patterns

Joke Silva often chooses dress and tops with flower patterns. This pink dress with big flowers is a true artwork.

Joke Silva

Casual aso abi

Simple, practical, and convenient – these are the three main components of the ultimate everyday look. And a bright purple bag, of course.

Joke Silva

Casual style

Black long skirt and white top with flowers can fit for semi-formal occasions or just a simple giveaway. A contrasting bag is a perfect detail.

Joke Silva

Gorgeous gown

Straight from the catwalk and to Vogue pages. This outfit is absolutely amazing and leaves us speechless.

Joke Silva

Inspired to inspire

Joke Silva started “Color Your Future” foundation to support and inspire young girls, and this is one of the many campaigns that help women to feel more confident and change their lives for better. Joke Silva inspires with everything, starting from her clothes to everything she does.

Joke Silva