Makeup Tips For Flawless Skin Tone

Makeup is an essential part of being a girl. We use makeup to highlight our best features and correct the features we want to change.

Putting on makeup doesn’t feel like a chore – instead it feels like a time to create. A cornerstone stage of the makeup process is perfecting our skin, and here are a few tips that will help you achieve an ideal tone.

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1. Moisturize regularly

African makeup artists can’t stress this enough: regular moisturizing of your skin is the first step on your way to a flawless look. Moisturized skin looks so well cared of and healthy that you can achieve the coveted dewy finish with a bare minimum of makeup products.

Cleanse and exfoliate your skin, apply toner and your favorite moisturizer once or twice a day, and soon you’ll notice the difference.

2. Prime your skin

You’ve probably been in this frustrating situation more than once: you’ve put on your makeup and enjoyed your look, but after a couple of hours outside you’ve noticed that your skin became oily and the makeup gradually disappears.

There is just one product that will help you prevent this situation: a makeup primer is a great way to prepare your skin for the next stages of the makeup, conceal your pores, and make sure the makeup stays on for as long as you want.

3. Pick the right foundation

Choosing your ideal foundation is not an easy task at all: not only do you have to pick the right shade, but you also need to choose between the different kinds of foundation.

Today foundation is available in liquid, powder, stick, cream to powder for, and there is even spray-on foundation. Choose powder or cream to powder for a matte finish or liquid for a dewy look. As for the shade, it’s best to try it on your neck rather than wrist – your neck skin color is much closer to your face skin shade.


4. Don’t be afraid to add a little extra

You’ve probably noticed that when your makeup consists of just the foundation and, sometimes, powder, it creates an unnatural look that is not flattering at all.

That is why makeup artists love to use various products that accentuate your features and help you make your skin tone better. The most popular product is the blush – try some brick and burgundy colored blush for a sophisticated look. Additionally, don’t forget the highlighter, and if you like the contoured look, then use a bronzer as well.