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Indian George Styles: All The Nuances You Need To Know!

Indian George material is a gorgeous soft fabric that is very popular with the Igbo girls who choose it for their wedding attire and some other really special events.

Nowadays, Indian George fabric is extremely trendy and what’s even more important – its’ suitable for a huge variety of styles!

We have surfed the whole Web on this trendy topic and have selected the best Indian George styles that will help you stand out at any event!

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1. Indian George wrapper with blouse: peculiarities and variations

Indian George with blouse style features embroidery around the edges and in the centre of the garment.

Opt for different George patterns to suit various purposes:

  • If you want to achieve that bright holiday look, go for an Indian lace George striped fabric.
  • If your goal is to look casually but sophisticated, opt for lace and embroidery variations.
  • …or you could even use them both!

2. Indian George blouse styles & embellishments

  • Luxury materials used mostly for making blouses for important events are normally embellished with sequins, beads, and faux pearls.
  • Floral patterns normally adorn the embroidered and lace fabrics.
  • There are also exotic patterns (e.g. birds, peacocks) that are great for those who like to look bright.

Among all the Indian George lace materials used for making George blouses in 2018, the trendiest are the ones with diaphanous lace insertions that beautifully outline the neckline, shoulders, or wrists.

Nigerian fashionistas love wrapper styles and the latest Indian George wrapper designs are not an exception. They are worn narrow and in several layers tied up with a cute knot.

You can wear Indian George wrapper in a peplum style, short or long-sleeved, and with flared sleeves.

3. Indian George styles: color schemes

Some fashion lovers prefer their wrapper and blouse in monochrome while others like their Indian wrapper styles in various colors.

The trendiest color combinations are the following:

  • Snow white and sky blue;
  • yellow and blue;
  • yellow and gold;
  • pink and ivory;
  • crimson and royal blue.

TIP 1: The white blouse in George Indian lace styles can be styled with a skirt or wrapper of virtually any color.

TIP 2: The colors of George Indian fashion style that are trending now are white, bright yellow, sky blue, turquoise, ivory, and 50 shades of pink.

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