How To Know Your Genotype Without Blood Test

The concept of blood genotype isn’t as widely known as the blood group types, but it can give you even more valuable information about your health. In the past the only way to know your genotype was a blood type test, but now there is a bloodless procedure for learning your genotype!

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1. What is a genotype test?

A genotype test reveals your genotype, or genetic information encoded in your DNA. To learn about your heritage, there is no need to analyze the whole DNA, since there are over 10 million pieces of data that can be found with this test.

Instead, scientists can learn a lot about your genotype and potential diseases you can encounter from DNA snippets. The most common way to get the required snippets is a blood group test, but you’re about to find out how to do it without a blood test.

2. Types of genotype

There are many ways to group genotypes. One of the most common approach is by the type of interaction – in this case the list of blood group and genotype looks like this:

  • Pleiotropic – a genotype that affects the manifestation of several symptoms at the same time.
  • Mutator – a genotype that completely changes the traits and preferences of a person.
  • Epistatic – a genotype that suppresses the effect of different non-allelic genes.
  • Hypostatic – a genotype that is suppressed by various allelic genes.
  • Modifier – a genotype that can change the manifestation of other genes.
  • Fatal – a genotype that negatively affects the vitality of an embryo.
  • Sublethal – a genotype that has the same effect as the fatal genotype, but the death of the embryo happens before the start of the reproductive period.

Moreover, there is another approach to genotype, which states that there are four genotypes that determine a person’s traits – AA, AC, AS, and SS. SS genotype is linked with sickle cell anemia that can be transferred to children, which is why it’s important to undergo genetic testing before deciding to have children with somebody!

3. How to know your genotype without blood test

Until recently, the only option for how to do genotype test was a blood test. Unfortunately, there are not too many genetic specialists in Nigeria, and traveling overseas to have your blood taken can be a very expensive adventure.

Luckily, now there is a way to get complete information about your genetic profile without any blood test at all. The company behind this new method is called 23andMe and is located in California, US. 23andMe has been around since 2008, but it has achieved massive popularity within the last few years.

1. 23andMe genotype test

The only two things the company needs to perform your genotype test is a tube filled with your saliva and $99 ($199 for a premium test). Register on the 23andMe website, fill in the form, make a payment, and the company will send you a tube with instructions.

Send a saliva-filled tube back and receive your full genotype profile after a couple of weeks. There you will find detailed information about potential genetic illnesses, reaction to various drugs, and medical advice on what to do about the diseases you’re genetically predisposed to.

Plus, 23andMe functions as a social network and meeting place for people who are interested in genetics. People look for their ancestors, trace back their heritage, and maybe even find the special other they’re compatible with!

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