Health Benefits Of Bitter Leaf Juice

Bitter leaf is a popular plant that is widely used as a key ingredient in the Nigerian cuisine, but few people know that it’s also a powerful health aid, especially when it’s consumed as a juice. Find out everything about the health benefit of bitter leaf juice right now!

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1. How to make bitter leaf juice

In order to experience the positive effect of drinking bitter leaf juice, you need to know how to prepare it at home! There are two methods of turning bitter leaves into juice:

  1. The easiest way to do it is to use a blender. Wash some bitter leaves, put them into the blender bowl, add a little water, and blitz on high speed until the leaves turn into a smooth paste. Then simply sieve the paste to receive concentrated bitter leaf juice.
  2. The old school method of making bitter leaf juice is to put the leaves into a bowl, cover them with a little quantity of water, and then rub them between your palms to extract the juice directly in a cup.

Bitter leaf juice has a famously bitter taste that is hard to consume on its own for most people. If you too find the bitterness of the juice too harsh, you can add it to other fruit and vegetable juices for an even stronger effect on your health.

2. Top 7 benefits of bitter leaf juice

Want to know what regular consumption of bitter leaf juice can do for your health? Here are top 7 benefits to know about.

1. High blood pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is one of the most life-threatening conditions today. Luckily, you can treat this condition with the help of bitter leaf juice. This plant is incredibly rich in potassium, which removes excess salt and water from your body, normalizing the blood pressure and preventing a variety of heart diseases.

2. Digestive health

Digestive problems are not only a source of constant discomfort, but also a cause of other serious health issues. Drinking bitter leaf juice with a pinch of salt is a historically known way to alleviate digestive problems like upset stomach and constipation.

3. Headache and migraine

If you often suffer from migraines and other forms of headache, you’re probably ready to try any solution for those conditions. The good news is that including bitter leaf juice into your regular diet is believed to make migraine and headache attacks less frequent and less strong.

4. Women’s health

A very common cause of infertility in women is an imbalance of hormones, and the link between bitter leaf juice and infertility is too strong to ignore. Improve the synthesis of female hormones with the help of bitter leaf juice and ovulation and subsequent consumption won’t keep you waiting!

5. Diabetes

Everyone knows about the health risk connected to diabetes, but not everyone knows that this condition can be successfully alleviated with the help of bitter leaf juice. Bitter leaf reduces the level of glucose in blood, effectively treating diabetes and other blood sugar conditions.

6. Skin health

Bitter leaf can not only make you feel better, but also help you look your best! Bitter leaf juice is widely used as a way to treat various skin conditions like premature ageing and wrinkles, acne, itchiness, sensitivity, and sun damage.

7. Weight loss

You may have heard about using bitter leaf juice for weight loss, but how exactly does it work? Well, bitter leaf juice facilitates weight loss by speeding up your metabolism and making the body take energy from the fat storage, making you leaner and more fit.

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