Salon Equipment List: Price & Best Offers For Business!

The very first thing that catches the eye when visiting a beauty salon is hairdressing tools and equipment. And only after that, if the client found everything OK, he gets the chance to evaluate the level of professionalism of your studio’s employees.

That’s why, if you’ve decided to start a barber salon business, one of the main tasks is buying the professional hair salon equipment.

Now we will provide you with a detailed hair salon equipment list for beginners, we’ll tell you what types of equipment you should buy, where it’s best to buy the necessary items and which brands you can trust!

list of barbing salon equipment

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1. The furniture

1.1. The barber chair

The first thing that should be on your list of barbing salon equipment is a hairdresser’s chair or barber chair. It should be convenient (for both the master and the client), easy to move around, easy to care for and stylish to match the latest fashion trends and general interior concept.

There are various types of contemporary barber chairs, and they are classified by several features. So, depending on the design, theку are three main types:

  • Screw. They differ depending on the presence of wheels and “five-ray” metal construction, hidden in a plastic casing. These chairs move and rotate around its axis easily, and can be adjusted in height if necessary,
  • Pneumatic. This “smart” device automatically lowers down when the client sits down and rises when he gets up. The lever located on one leg of the chair helps to make the additional adjustments, and height can be changed by easily pressing of the leg of the chair. The construction of a chair has two “five-rays”: a metal one (also hidden in a plastic casing) and a chrome-plated pneumatic cartridge.
  • Hydraulic. These chairs are equipped with a hydraulic lift, allowing slowly and smoothly raise and lower the whole structure.

Before buying, you should check out the salon equipment price list, since many items require auxiliary products, and if you buy expensive equipment – these auxiliary items can already be integrated into it!

In addition, you should purchase:

  • Stand for client’s feet.
  • The holder for the hairdryer (if it is not included in the trolley).
  • Cover for the chair.
  • Baby chair or seat.

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hairdressing tools and equipment

1.2. Mirror and work shelf

This is a workplace of the barber.

The mirror is not only an important barber’s item but also an effective detail in the interior. The variety of modifications of the latest mirror models can really surprise you. The mirror can be single- and double-sided, with shelves and tool holders.

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hair salon equipment list for beginners

1.3. Storage cabinet for the equipment

professional hair salon equipment

2. Auxiliary equipment

2.1. Hair dryer

Hair dryer is a device for drying hair, which looks like a kind of helmet on a stand. This device will be the best solution for an entry-level barbershop. But the premium class salons are using modern high-tech devices for drying – hood dryers.

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salon equipment list price in Nigeria

2.2. Hair wash basin

Hair wash basin is sold separately or within a barber chair (barber chair-sink). The hydraulic mechanism allows the barber to quickly change the position of the chair relative to the sink. It is excellent if the sink is deep, and the tilt angle is adjustable.

The cheapest models are not associated with the chair, but the most expensive sets often have two sinks and two chairs, and sometimes they even represent a kind of washing-transformer with a movable rack.

Depending on the materials of manufacture, design features, availability of additional options, hairdresser basins are divided into 3 price groups. Entry level salons tend to choose suitable products of the “Economy” category with a metal body and built-in inexpensive plumbing.

The salons of a higher and premium level can’t do without the models with ergonomic and stylish design: such equipment will emphasize the status and exclusivity of the services provided. A convenience in operation (for both the client and the barber) will be provided by a hydraulic height adjustment system with electric drive, several backrest positions, and additional options: backlight, massage function, etc.

How to choose a hair wash basin?

According to the norms of SES, the functional load per one basin is 3 barber chairs, which means its permanent use. Therefore, when choosing it is important to pay attention to the quality and reliability of the product:

  • the materials must be resistant to moisture (when used and frequently cleaned);
  • certain demand for the configuration – streamlined shapes: the sharp corners can cause an injury.
  • all parts must be carefully adjusted and tightly connected to each other.

In addition, you should purchase:

  • The collar on the sink.

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salon equipment list pric

2.3. Trolleys and racks

Trolleys and racks are designed to store tools and accessories (hairdryers, hairbrushes, scissors, clippers, hair curlers, hairpins and much & much more).

In addition, you should purchase:

  • Hairdresser’s trolley.
  • Trolley for painting.

list of barbing salon equipment

3. Other salon equipment

  • UFO sterilizer (disinfection device for the tools, etc).
  • Air recirculate system.
  • Laboratory (for mixing hair dyes, storing shampoos, towels, etc.).
  • Showcase (for selling products).
  • Laundry basket.
  • Vacuum cleaner.
  • Extra bags for the vacuum cleaner.
  • Clothes hangers for customers.

hairdressing tools and equipment

4. Barber’s tools and supplies

In addition to furniture and stationary equipment, you will also need hairdressing tools and consumables. Employees usually work with their tools, so only the minimal set of tools is needed:

  • combs;
  • scissors;
  • the machine for a hairstyle;
  • hair dryers.

Consumables are the mousses, balms, shampoos, varnishes, dyes and other products for hair care, styling and dying. In some cases. You can choose whether to let the employees buy these items themselves, or you can buy everything you need wholesale on Jiji at the best prices, and then deduct these costs from the employee’s income.

hairdressing tools and equipment

5. List of salon equipment with names

  • Barber Culture El Chapo Barber Chair.

list salon equipments with names

  • Dream In Reality Belgrano Heavy Duty Barber Chair.

list of barbing salon equipment

  • BR Beauty K.O. Professional Barber Chair.

list salon equipments with names

  • Wahl Sterling 4 Clipper + Trimmer Combo.

salon equipment list price in Nigeria

  • Barber Culture Disposable Razors – Disposable Pack 100pk.

list salon equipments with names

  • Wahl 5 Star Magic Cordless Clipper.

hairdressing tools and equipment

  • Wahl Beret Pro Lithium Cordless Trimmer.

hair salon equipment list for beginners

  • O3 Styling Mud.

professional hair salon equipment

  • Barber Culture Scalp Master Brush.

list salon equipments with names

  • Barber Culture Hair Fibres Medium Brown.

where to buy salon equipment

6. Salon equipment list: price in Nigeria

  • The prices for barber chairs are between N45,000 – N250,000.
  • Standard salon chair for clients is about N42,000.
  • Children salon styling chair price starts at N45,000.
  • A salon wash basin will cost you N80,000 – 1N25,000.
  • A good salon trolley cost about N12,000.
  • A mobile salon tray price starts from N55,000/
  • A mirror cardboard will cost you N45,000.
  • Professional hair dryer is N40,000.
  • Sterilizer with Ultraviolet is N18,000.

salon equipment list price in Nigeria

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