How To Curl Short Natural Hair: Top 7 Techniques

Every lady needs to know several easy techniques of how to curl short natural hair or extensions. There are many trendy stylish looks to try out, and these curling techniques will definitely come in handy in a modern city you live in.

Check out these short curly hair techniques and the top products to make your hair curly!

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1.How to curl short natural hair: 7 ways

1.1. Finger Coils

Being a skilled naturalista, we are sure that you were asking yourself «how can I make my hair curly in a natural way».

If you try this technique you will see that it won’t take a long time to make a trendy look. The only thing you will need is the good curling hydrating cream and your own hands (fingers, to be precise).

How To: Finger Coils | Natural Hair | Feat Tropic Isle Living

Achieve PERFECT Finger Coils! This technique will give you defined curls! This was my go to style especially when I was transitioning out my heat damage. I haven’t done this style in a while and I don’t know why! So I thought I’d revisit. Finger Coils are great to get great beautiful defined curls.

1.2. Bantu Knots

Finding out how to make your hair curly in an easy way is not difficult if you aware of modern trends. Of course, you will have to practice for some time but it is also an easy way to get your hair curly.

Bantu knots will help you to create luxurious curls, and you can wear them for several days with a big comfort.

Defined Bantu Knot Out Breakdown | Short/Medium Natural Hair | + Every Strand TM (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)

Here’s how I’ve figured out how to get a beautifully, moisturized bantu knot out on my coily-kinky natural hair! There are so many videos on how to do it on loose-textured hair when A LOT of us have tightly curled/coiled/kinky and thick textures. So here’s a safe way to get the style for OUR hair!

1.3. Flexi Rods

This is another popular way of how to make natural hair curly.

This hairstyle is available in a big variety of hair sizes. This technique is good for dry or stretched hair – damp tresses always work well! Leave the presses in your hair overnight and get your stylish curls ready in the morning!

Flexi Rods on NATURAL HAIR

Hey loves! In this video I will be showing how I achieve soft, bouncy curls using Flexi Rods with my very own DIY moisturizing styling milk and flaxseed gel ! Hope you like 🙂 Missed my previous video??? Tips on Transitioning from Relaxed to NATURAL HAIR! Check out my new VLOG Channel!!!

1.4. Perm Rod Set

Perm rods, that create very smooth curls are ideal for a big hair – and they are quite easy to make! If you will use this technique on damp hair, make sure to let them dry completely before you take-down.


This is my GO TO rod set that I’ve been doing for over 2 years…hope my tips help, just be patient and persistent and you’ll get it products used: Peach perm rods End papers Aussie Moist conditioner Giovanni Direct leave in Jane Carter Twisting Foam Shea butter or your favorite oil.

1.5. Two-Strand Twists

Asking yourself «how to make my hair curly in the easiest way»? This is one of the easiest techniques to make all-over natural curls. You will use two-strand twists. To define your curls, even more, finger coil the ends of twists or secure a small flexi rod to them.

To make your curls last longer, wrap your hairdo overnight with a silk scarf.

Twist Out on 4B/4C Hair | Damp Hair & No Heat

Watch in HD for best quality. Products Used: Moroccan Oil Curls Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste How I earn money online shopping: Instagram | kbmaria Snapchat | lovekbmaria Shop | Email | [email protected]

1.6. Flat Twists

This is a bit more advanced method than the previous technique.

This method uses a pseudo cornrow braiding way that will give you a good definition at the root, too. Bear in mind that this technique requires some patience and practice.

How To: Flat Twist Out on Short Natural Hair / TWA

This video shows how I achieve a defined, shiny flat twist out hairstyle on my short natural hair(TWA). I used Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and extra virgin olive oil(evoo) while styling my hair.

1.7. Braid Out

This is one more trendy way of how to get natural curly hair.

You can use this method in two ways: with the help of free-hanging plaits and the cornrows. In both ways, you will get a very stylish and defined look.

How To | Bomb Braidout On Natural Hair

Hey guys! Today’s natural hair tutorial is on one of my new go-to styles – the braid-out! I hope you guys enjoy this in-depth how to on a natural hair basic. XoXo Bracelet/Necklace: Street Vendor in South Africa Products Used: DevaCurl Decadence No-Poo: DevaCurl Decadence One Condition: Ouidad Curl Immersion Deep Conditioner: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie: Castor Oil: Follow MEEE!

In the video below, we will show you the best products to make natural black hair curly.

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2. Best hair products for black curly hair

In order to make a trendy look check out these latest natural curly hair products:

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3. Spiral curlers for short hair

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Spiral Curlers On Short Hair

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