How Many Dates To Eat Per Day?

Dates are a delicious sweet treat, but their delightful taste is not the only reason to love them – there are many facts about the dates nutrition that will make you want to include this products in your daily diet. Find out how many dates to eat per day right now!

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1. Health benefits of dates

Dates have a variety of important benefits for our health and wellness, and here are 5 most crucial ones:

  • Dates are naturally high in fiber, which makes them one of the most effective natural solutions against bloating, constipation, and other digestive problems.
  • Numerous studies have demonstrated a positive effect of dates on brain health. By decreasing the appearance of inflammatory markers, dates help prevent and slow down the development of the Alzheimer’s disease and other brain conditions.
  • Dates are very high in fructose, which allows them to function as sugar substitutes. If you want to use dates instead of sugar in different recipes, simply turn them into a paste and use the same quantity of date paste instead of sugar.
  • Dates have an incredibly rich nutritional profile: a 100-gram serving of dates can give you 18% of the recommended daily intake of copper, 20% of potassium, 15% of manganese, and 12% of vitamin B6.
  • Dates are known for being a natural inducer of labour. If you’re at the final weeks of your pregnancy and want to make the labour process easier and quicker, make sure to eat plenty of dates during this time.
How many dates to eat per day?

2. Side effects of dates

While dates are known and loved for their excellent taste and endless health benefits, there are also some side effects you need to know about:

  • Since dates are a natural labour inducer, women at the early stages of their pregnancy should eat dates with caution.
  • Despite being high in fiber, dates are also incredibly high in calories. 10 dates have around 350 calories, which is not ideal for anyone trying to keep to a diet.
  • Doctors don’t recommend eating too many dates to people with various allergies. Patients with asthma should also keep their date consumption to a minimum.
How many dates to eat per day?

3. How to eat dates

So how exactly to eat dates to enjoy their health benefits without encountering any side effects? The answer mostly depends on the condition of your health.

Most health professionals agree that the ideal number of dates to eat per day for a healthy person is between 3 and 5. But how many dates can a diabetic eat in a day? If you suffer from diabetes, keep the number of dates consumed in one day up to 3.

One of the benefits of dates in weight loss is that they can function as a natural sugar substitute. Eat up to 2 dates per day when you have a sweet craving on a diet.

By making a drink using milk and dates, you can take advantage of the many benefits of dates with milk with just one glass. Milk increases the nutritional profile of dates, which is why this drink will supply your body with all essential nutrients.

Right now there are many talks surrounding the potential benefits of eating dates in the morning. The numerous benefits of eating dates on an empty stomach include boosting your body’s energy, preventing heart diseases, and promoting eye health.

How many dates to eat per day?

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