Ahmed Musa’s House, Cars, And Net Worth

As one of the most acclaimed Nigerian football players, Ahmed Musa managed to achieve a lot for his age. In addition to a number of important accomplishments in sports, he is also known for his love for expensive cars and real estate. Find out everything about the Ahmed Musa house and cars right now!

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1. Ahmed Musa net worth

Ahmed Musa is only 26 years old, but his football career has already placed him among the most successful Nigerian athletes of all time. At the World Cup 2018, he was the one who scored both goals in the exciting match against Iceland.

Moreover, Musa had other incredible achievements during his career. Not only was he the youngest team captain in Nigeria, but he also repeatedly made the lists of the most promising football players in Nigeria and around the world.

Naturally, this kind of success in sports comes with its own financial benefits. Currently, Ahmed Musa enjoys the net worth of $18 million, mainly thanks to his years with CSKA Moscow and Leicester City.

Ahmed Musa house and cars

2. Ahmed Musa house

Ahmed Musa was born and raised in Jos, Plateau state. Unlike many other celebrities who are quick to forget their roots, Musa has always considered Jos to be his native place. That is why as soon as he made his first millions, he built a house there.

The renowned footballer moved into his new house in 2016. In 2013, he and his family lived in another house in Jos. However, after a security scare, he vowed to move his family to a more secure location.

The new Jos mansion cost millions to be constructed, but the result was certainly worth it. The two-storeyed house looks beautiful on the outside and the inside, and the latest security features make it a safe haven for Musa’s family.

Ahmed Musa house and cars

A few years ago, there was a confusion when people thought Ahmed Musa built a ₦500 million house in Kano. Later it turned out that he actually built a sports centre for the Kano Pillars football team and everyone who would like to practice sports.

Ahmed Musa house and cars

3. Ahmed Musa cars

Like most famous football players, Ahmed Musa is very passionate about cars. However, while many celebrities are fond of vintage vehicles, Musa focuses his passion on brand new and expensive rides.

As of early 2019, Ahmed Musa has three cars in his posession:

  • Range Rover Sport. This 2013 vehicle is the one Musa often displays on his social media. His love for Range Rover cars probably stems from all the time he spent in the UK as the Leicester City star player.
  • Mercedes-Benz G-Class. This iconic vehicle needs no introduction, and it’s not at all surprising that Ahmed Musa made sure to add the G-Wagon to his already enviable car collection.
  • Range Rover Velar. The Velar is Musa’s newest addition to the car park – the footballer got it in 2018. While the previous two vehicles in his collection are black, Ahmed Musa chose a different colour, white, for his new Range Rover.
Ahmed Musa house and cars

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