How To Cure Stomach Ulcer Permanently: 10 Home Remedies

Stomach ulcer is a serious medical condition that needs to be treated by a professional doctor. However, while you’re working on the stomach ulcer symptoms with a medical professional, you can also try some home solutions for alleviating the problem. Here are 10 home remedies for stomach ulcers.

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1. Chamomile

Chamomile is known as the top solution for stress, sleeping disorders, and other conditions; it is also a popular herbal treatment for ulcer. Adding chamomile extract to your diet helps stop new stomach ulcers from growing and reduce the healing time of existing ulcers.

Home remedies for ulcer

2. Chilli pepper

Most patients who want to know how to cure stomach ulcer permanently are usually advised against eating spicy foods, including chilli peppers. However, recent studies show that capsaicin, which is responsible for the hot taste of the pepper, increases the production of mucus protecting the stomach lining, as well as slows down the production of stomach acid, and increases the blood flow to the lining of the stomach.

Home remedies for ulcer

3. Honey

Honey is often viewed as a healthy alternative to sugar, but it’s also a top food for ulcer relief. Besides its sweet taste, honey is known for its anti-bacterial properties. What causes stomach ulcers are usually bacteria, and honey has proven to be very effective for inhibiting their growth.

Home remedies for ulcer

4. Cabbage

Looking for stomach ulcer treatment at home? Check out the vegetable compartment of your fridge! Cabbage is one of the unexpected yet effective home remedies for peptic ulcer! You can start by adding more cabbage to your salads and stews, but you can get even better results by drinking a glass of freshly extracted cabbage juice every day.

Home remedies for ulcer

5. Aloe vera

Several studies of how to cure stomach ulcer fastest way revealed that aloe vera influences ulcers the same way a popular anti-ulcer medication works. The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera are well known and can be used for making the symptoms of ulcer go away.

Home remedies for ulcer

6. Turmeric

If you know turmeric for its various health benefits, you won’t be surprised that it’s also one of the powerful natural remedies for stomach ulcers. To treat ulcers, turmeric can be added to food as a spice or consumed as a drink – for example, by mixing it with warm milk in the morning.

Home remedies for ulcer

7. Licorice

Licorice is a flavour that people either love or hate, but the licorice root powder is an undeniably strong remedy against ulcer that can be used at home. Licorice makes your stomach acid less likely to do damage to the lining and increases the production of mucus, which further protects the sensitive tissues.

Home remedies for ulcer

8. Plantains

Unripe plantains are known and loved in Nigerian cuisine, and it turns out they can both prevent and treat stomach ulcers. Plantains are rich in the leucocyanidin flavonoid, which increases the amounts of mucus produced by the stomach and lowers the acidity inside the stomach.

Home remedies for ulcer

9. Garlic

How to treat an ulcer using the products you already have at home? Start with the humble garlic! Filled with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, garlic limits the production of ulcer-causing bacteria and helps your stomach deal with the effects of the ulcer faster.

Home remedies for ulcer

10. Ginger

Ginger is famous for being an effective treatment against a variety of gastrointestinal problems, including bloating and constipation. It is also one of the best home remedies for ulcers available today thanks to its ability to slow down the production of bacteria causing stomach ulcers.

Home remedies for ulcer

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