5 Best Apps For Stress Relief!

Whatever people say, but a smartphone is our friend and an indispensable assistant 24/7!

But in addition to many useful functions, it is the smartphone that is responsible for your constant distraction by endless calls, notifications and SMS. In other words, smartphone is also a source of daily stress.

And instead of freaking out and throwing it out, we suggest you to get a couple of useful applications that will help you relax and have a high-quality rest from the hustle and bustle!

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Ios Android apps for stress relief

1. Two Dots

Two dots is an exciting game that can help you to rest from any worries. Also, if you like good graphics you will definitely appreciate the cute style of the game, where you will go on a journey with two brave dots.

two dots app

2. Bubble Wrap

Do you remember how happy you were when your parents bought new techniques at home? And, being almost indifferent to appliances themselves, you started to pop bubbles on the wrap!

You know, this thing really calms everyone down!

And now, your favorite bubble wrap is available as an app for your smartphone!

Ios Android apps for stress relief

3. Pacifica

Pacifica is another decent stress-relieving app on our list. Here you can find exercises for breathing, muscle relaxation, relieving anxiety – in a word, all anti-stress tools.

But the most curious one is the mood tracker: analyzing the recordings of your thoughts, the program reveals certain patterns of thinking and recognizes alarming leverage. You won’t have time to get sad!

5 best apps for stress relief

4. Headspace

There are two reasons why this app can be of your interest.

Firstly, Emma Watson recommended him on her Twitter account, which immediately brought this app a big fame.

Secondly, the app was invented with a Buddhist monk Andy Padicombe.

A simple and beautiful app will be perfect for everyone!

5 best apps for stress relief

5. Happify

Happify does not actually fight stress, but it teaches you not to fall into this state!

The app creators are quite sure that people fall into depression because they really make this choice  and they need to be taught to become happy again. So, Happify teaches you not to whine, and accept the world around in a positive way.

The app offers many small assignments, simple games and puzzles. Hey remind you how to react to different situations: how to apologize, hoe to thank someone for something, how to distract, and it even helps to take a break and listen to relaxing music.

All these things are combined in a certain general course of happiness!

5 best apps for stress relief

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