Glutathione For Skin Whitening: Side Effects And Risks

In their quest for smooth, glowing skin, millions of Nigerian women have turned to glutathione-based skin lightening products. Taking glutathione for skin whitening in the form of pills is especially popular nowadays.

And while the glutathione for skin whitening before and after photos may be impressive, you should always take into account the possible risks of this treatment. Find out more about the glutathione for skin whitening side effects!

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1. Allergy

One of the most frequent glutathione-based skin whitening pills side effects is allergies. They are especially common in patients with a history of allergic reactions, but even if you have never suffered from allergies in the past, there is still some risk of developing this side effect.

In most cases, the allergy caused by glutathione will manifest itself as a rash. Sometimes the rash can get so advanced that it will start resembling urticaria, a very serious skin condition.

The reason why glutathione skin whitening products often cause allergies is not just the glutathione itself, but also the additional ingredients of the pills, including cow milk. The only way to eliminate the allergic reaction is to discontinue the use of the product.

Side effects of glutathione for skin whitening

2. Respiratory reactions

A less common but still worrying side effect of glutathione in the form of pills is its ability to trigger respiratory problems in patients. Many of those who regularly take large doses of glutathione report wheezing as a frequent side effect.

Taking glutathione supplements is even more dangerous if you have had respiratory problems in the past. Glutathione sometimes triggers asthma when accidentally inhaled, so if you have experienced asthma attacks in the past, take glutathione with caution.

Side effects of glutathione for skin whitening

3. Bloating

When you are taking glutathione pills to look fabulous and instead end up looking bloated, it can significantly undermine your efforts. Unfortunately, that is exactly what many people who take glutathione for skin whitening eventually experience. Bloating not only affects your look, but also makes you feel very uncomfortable!

Side effects of glutathione for skin whitening

4. Cramps

While cramps are not visible, they can lower your quality of life for the duration of taking glutathione pills. Not many patients who take glutathione experience cramping, but it’s still a viable risk and something to consider before deciding to take the supplement.

Side effects of glutathione for skin whitening

5. Liver problems

The liver is the one organ in your body that is most affected by glutathione supplements. If you have a healthy liver, you may not notice any side effects. However, if you have experienced problems with your liver in the past, keep in mind that glutathione pills can make those problems even worse.

Side effects of glutathione for skin whitening

6. Safety measures

Most medications and supplements have at least some form of side effects, but many of the side effects can be controlled with simple safety measures. In case of glutathione pills, the safety measures include limiting the dosage and avoiding taking the supplement for an extended period of time.

So how much glutathione to take for skin whitening? Skin care experts recommend taking between 20 and 40mg per 1kg of body weight. To answer the question “How long does glutathione take to work?“, the experts say it can take 3 months and more to obtain visible results.

Once you notice the change in your skin colour, lower the dosage of glutathione to 500mg per day.

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