iPhone 6: 3 Cheaper Alternatives

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Each new phone of the Apple Company is considered to be top-of-the-range among others. Starting from 2007 when the first IPhone 2S appeared on the market every self-respecting mobile freak wanted to have IPhone or at least wanted to find a good alternative. It is 2015 and the tendency still remains unchanged: almost everyone wants to have product of Steve Jobs genius. Among all IPhone advantages there is one great minus – it’s a prise. At the average it is about 600$.


So we decided to make a small review and find sweet spot between qualitative characteristics and reasonable prises.

And we’ll start with 1. Samsung Galaxy S5.


Main feature of this mobile phone is water resistance. Now you don’t have to worry when taking it to the beach or bothering not to drop it into the bath. Also Galaxy S5 has scanner of fingerprints (just like on iPhone!) and pulse sensor on the back of it. Another plus of this smartphone is the display, it is 5,1 inches SuperAMOLED with Full HD permission.

Next great device is 2. Sony Xperia Z3.


Front and back of this smartphone are made of glass and sides are aluminium. Screen size 5,2 inches, long battery life (3,100mAh), waterproof and dust tight, PS4 remote play all these make this phone worth to pay attention to.

And finally 3. HTC One (M8).


It has beautiful metal design, large screen (5 inches), nice camera and improved Sense 6 UI.

So as you see the world does not turn around IPhone and mobile companies can still surprise us.

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