How Not To Mishit Buying Clothes Online

How often do you send clothes bought in the online shop back because of their wrong size? Learn the best tips for how to pick up clothes online and to escape returns.

Buying clothes online can be the great way to get the nicest collection of the super modern outfit without spending too much money. However, there is one main problem: you purchase clothes without looking at them and trying them on.

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Accordingly, some clothes can just not fit you, so your money will be frittered away to no purpose. The article below contains some truly helpful tips which will help you not to find yourself in such a sad situation.

When you buy garments online, nobody will guarantee the clothes will fit perfectly, but you already realize the risk. It is not obligatory you will purchase well-fit outfit even after reading this post. All in all, everything depends on your attentiveness and luck, in particular.

Get to know your measurements and keep them around

The first and the most important thing you should do is to find out your measurements. If you have the actual notion of your sizes, you will know exactly which cloth will fit you well.

Remember: size 42 in one company can turn out to be size 44 in the other one. Different designers and brands make their clients confused to their special purpose.


That is why the best way not to be mistaken is to do your own measurements and not to be guided by various companies’ sizes.

Almost every company has its Clothing Size Guide and make sure your parameters correspond to them.

In order to pick up clothes size correctly you should firstly measure your parameters in a right way.

How to measure your parameters correctly

The best way is turn to a professional. People who often take measurements know exactly how and what to measure and how to count.


Besides, when the professional will be gagging you, you will stand evenly and all the measurements will be very precise. Where can you find such professionals? In the dressmaking and tailoring establishment, of course.

In case you do not have the opportunity to visit the professional in the atelier, ask your relatives to help you. While being measured, stand evenly and naturally – do not pull in your stomach and stretch up.

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Remember that depending on measurements precision you will feel comfortably enough or not in your new garments.

Here are some measurement tips:

3For men

When you gage your parameters for choosing the trousers, you need to get to know your height, waist size and inseam. Besides, you should take into consideration hips dimension and pelvis width.

For picking up the shirt make sure you know the chest size, the sleeve length and the neck size.

For women

For choosing the clothes (except for trousers and skirts) you should measure your chest dimension in the most prominent part and write your result down.

You will need the waist size, as well – the thinnest part of your body. The waist is situated a bit higher than the line where your jeans end, so do not mistake them for your stomach.00

For picking up the shirts and blouses measure the sleeve and neck sizes. Though these dimensions are not usually indicated when defining the correct size, they will 100 % stand in good stead together with your breast size.

You will need the hips dimension or the size of the most prominent part of your buttocks much frequently. Besides, for choosing the trousers and breeches you will need your inseam.

Correct shops and size charts

When you get to know your measurements, the size charts will become your best friends. It will be easy to find the correct size of the clothes and order them.

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All in all, make your choice and be attentive to what you purchase!