How To Tune A Used Car Up?

Nice tuning is a common idea to give a “fresh” look to used car.

Even if a car has been in an accident, and you want to sell it – partial repair and tuning will help you achieve your goal!


Results of the polls made by the Washington post magazine, and such websites as and show that about 70% of car-users have positively look at car tuning, about 20% prefer light outside tuning, and only 10% don`t tune their cars at all. The latter make a serious mistake if they want to sell their car – because this way its price considerably lowers!

Car tuning ideas

Car tuning ideas 2

Car tuning ideas 3

There are different types of tuning: outside, inside and interior tuning. The goals of the owner can also differ: a wish to hide consequences of an accident, “stylizing” a car according to himself and his character, implementing ideas of famous car repair studios and design studios in order to be “in trend”. Car tuning ideas 4

Car tuning ideas5

If you purchase a used car in good condition – you can make a light outside and inside tuning, change outer look of a car. If the car has scratches and dents after unsuccessful ride – you`ll have to build a certain strategy, buy some parts and accessories.

Outside tuning

external 8

external 9



  • Aerodynamic dodger. Ordinary aerodynamic dodger consists of front and rear bumpers, bottom panel, spoilers, diffusors. All this not only enhances car`s look, but also significantly improves aerodynamic properties of a car.
  • Painting, aerography and vinyl film. Modern equipment of auto-services and your fantasy will help you to create a masterpiece out of your car. It will definitely caught an attention of passers-by and drivers! Vinyl film enhances look of the car and increases resistance to negative impacts:

?. A film has a long term of use, it doesn`t fade, the body of the car doesn`t corrode;

B. It is cheap and quickly;

C. Secure film will protect a car form small damages. It is especially good to use it on a front window.

vinyl film



vinyl 4

vinyl 5

  • Xenon lights are more economical than others are, and they give more light;
  • Tires and disks. Even though tires are related to outside tuning, they also have serious practical function – they influence on car`s go and can even save your life. Disks are drivers` favorite topic – properly chosen, they can considerably enhance the look of the car.

services 5

external 1

external 2

external 3

external 4

external 5


“In order to lessen weight of a car`s front part I decided to set a carbon hood. It is easily set – factory makes details with high precision. The only thing you need besides the accessories, your hands and your head – is the help of your friend.”

Nmachi, Maiduguri

“After front bumper of my Nissan got damage in collision, I decided to set aerodynamic dodger Mugen N1. To do this, I needed to change the carrier of the car. Also, I completely rebuilt the front part, front and rear lights, replacing them with DC5 Integra Type R (Japan).”

Ola, Port Harcourt

Inside tuning

Inside tuning consists of improving wheel, gear stick, etc. Transmission tuning includes modernization of gearbox and adherence. Transmission tuning improves future characteristics of a car. For example, its speed and dynamic characteristics.


services 3

Interior tuning

Most often practice for cabin tuning is covering, sometimes flocking.

It is better to use natural skin for covering. You will get great surface, which will serve you long and is very practical. Ribbed surface is not as practical, but it has respectful look.

interior 6


interior 2

The best fabric for covering is velour or smooth.

Finally, you can use carbon not only for outside tuning, but also for cabin tuning. The material is quite durable and there are many color options.

interior 3

interior 4

Cabin flocking not only gives an expensive look, but also creates a feeling of comfort inside a car.

interior 5

Often, after buying a used car, new owners change audio system, displays, inner light.

Practice shows that good tuning combined with some nuances in care can help you significantly raise price on car by 10-20%. – factory tuning and tuning in famous auto-services.


Use your fantasy, tune your car wisely and sell it quickly and without a risk on JiJi!





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