5 Things You Do That Ruin Your Car

For any of us a car is a valuable possession. Buying a new car is not as easy as buying a new smartphone or laptop, which means that you cannot simply buy a new car every year or two if something goes wrong with your old one. Most modern cars, like Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Volkswagen, are very well built and can last you for decades, but only under one important condition: that you do everything you can to protect your car. Unfortunately, a lot of owners treat their car like it will work perfectly forever. Here are 5 habits that can ruin your car very quickly.

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1. Bad driving style

We all have different driving styles, meaning that your brother or best friend has a different view on driving a car than you do. However, there are some signs of a bad driving style that you can easily spot. For instance, jerky driving – a style where the driver uses maximum acceleration on the highway but then brakes the car rapidly and unexpectedly at a traffic light or by a stop sign. This behaviour can result in serious damage to various car systems: the engine, the transmission, the suspension and the brakes. If you like jerky driving, the systems in your car will deteriorate much faster than you expect, making you either to waste thousands on repair or a new car.


2. Ignoring the warning signs

If you’re a good driver and pay enough attention to your car, usually you can realize there is a problem before it’s too late – your car will tell you! There are so many ways for the car to signal for help; various noises, unusual behaviour of car systems, and, most importantly, dash warning lights. Most modern cars have a very informative dash warning system. With its help you can learn there is something wrong with the brake system, engine cooling system, power steering system, vehicle charging system, ignition switch, and other essential car mechanisms. By checking out those lights regularly and taking measures in case you detect a problem you can eliminate the risk of the car breaking down unexpectedly.


3. Not replacing your tyres on time

This “sin” many car owners commit is actually quite understandable: tyres can be so expensive that they leave a big dent in the family budget when you buy them. Failure to change tyres can result in losing control of the vehicle, especially in case of wet roads. If you’ve ever heard of hydroplaning, you’ll know that it’s not the situation you want to find yourself in. However, this outcome can be easily avoided by planning ahead. Decide right now when you’re going to change the tyres and start saving a bit of money every month. This way your purchase of new tyres will not affect your family budget and you’ll drive safely again.


4. Shifting while driving

The transmission system is one of the most complicated and expensive system in your car, which is why most car owners treat their transmissions very carefully. Nevertheless, some drivers take the transmission for granted and use it the wrong way – for example, by switching from drive to reverse transmission while the car is still running. This tactic puts a lot of unwanted strain on the car’s gear, which can result in a malfunctioning transmission system. If you want your car’s transmission to last longer, make sure never to switch while driving.


5. Skipping regular maintenance

As an experienced car owner, you can probably spot a lot of problems with your car simply by taking a look at its systems, listening the noise it produces, or by some other signs. However, no one knows more about car maintenance and repair than your local car mechanic, and that’s why you should regularly take your car to your favourite repair station. By using their expertise and special equipment, the repairmen can tell if any part of your car requires special attention. Another thing you can do at the repair station is change the oil and filters – other vital components of a perfectly working car. Of course, you can do it on your own, but asking a specialist to do it is always better.

Close up of male auto mechanic working on engine in auto repair shop

Don’t ignore your car’s wellbeing and you’ll end up with a flawlessly running car!

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