Our previous article was dedicated to benefits of having a blog, so now we’re going to discuss basic tips for having an interesting blog!

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A topic

The topic of your blog may be concrete or have general character. In both variants it may concern to:

  • Your hobby or professional activity
  • Your sphere of competence
  • Interests of target audience (Who are you readers? What are they willing to find out from your blog?)
  • Topic dependent on competition (for instance, you sell a specific product on the market, so let your blog be about it).

Style of writing

At the first stages of developing and promoting your blog, try different kinds of posts. In the end, you can choose the most convenient for you or mix several types the way you like.

The major styles include:

  • Writing about tendencies, trends and novelties
  • Posts full of videos or podcasts (you may refer to other people, or you can make your own!)
  • Photographs (it’s very convenient if you are wishing to develop as a photographer)
  • Interview (it’s a great decision, especially for business: you can interview prominent people who refer to your profession or a product you manufacture).
  • Your own thoughts and ideas.


Ideas for writing

Yes, sometimes people don’t know what to write. Actually, it’s an issue of inspiration. But we can give you general advice where to look for this inspiration and insight:

  • Ask your friends/colleagues what they would like to read. It’s quite convenient, because your first readers will be people who directly communicate with you.
  • Read the comments on your competitors’ blogs. Sometimes people there are not satisfied with some features, so you can get a lot of prompts from there!
  • Monitor comments to your personal posts. Read them in the first place and use!
  • Pay attention to the events in the world. To make your blog actual and fascinating, always keep in touch with the world. Moreover, some things can inspire you!



The most spread and easy way to promote your blog is to place a relevant link on your profile in social networks. Therefore, it’s a guarantee that at least 20% of your friends will follow it and even read.

If you desire to make your blog even more popular and recognizable, turn to advertising, but it demands financial instruments.

One more efficient way is to distribute your posts via emails. By the way, some blog platforms allow to do it even for free.

The platforms

One more interesting issue is a platform for creating a blog.

The most popular one is WordPress. Approximately, 80% of sites and blogs in the world are located there.

Others are Tumblr, Blogger. If you are a photographer, Flickr may be a great decision! Just choose one the most convenient for you.

How to write?

There are no specific requirements, but we can provide you with one powerful tool:

Write stories. Let them be emotional and relevant to experience (your personal or the one of your friends). For instance, imagine you are a designer, who wants to write a post about the latest tendencies in curtains. You may start it with a story about you (or your friends) who visited a shop and failed to choose the correct texture or appropriate color. Describe your feelings and thoughts about this situation, and then lay out the tendencies you actually wanted to mention. Such an emotional part will draw attention of potential readers.


So, there are some basic tools for creating a blog, and remember:

A decision leads to a purpose;

Purpose leads to an idea;

And idea requires consistency!

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