8 Gift Ideas For Her Between ₦500 and ₦5,000

Make her happy with JiJi:)

If you are looking for something more practical than flowers, but less ambitious than a smartphone, you’ve come to the right place. We created a list of 8 gift ideas on budget that will make her eyes shine.

So, let’s see what we can do for you right now!

1. Selfie stick

Rome, Tokyo, and San-Paolo are crowded with tourists walking around with metal sticks taking selfies against historical monuments and sceneries. No more cut off hands, close-ups with big noses, and double chins.

Whoever she is – your g-friend, sister, or mother – she will definitely appreciate this compact and functional gift.

Price: from ?1,500

2. Earphones

Chances are, she enjoys listening to mustic on her way to and from work. Why not add a little touch of comfort to her pretty ears with zipper or wireless earphones. If her body’s response to music is nodding and foot tapping, these earphones will definitely stay inside.

She’ll be thrilled by your thoughtfullness.

Price: from ?1,200

3. Shake and take smoothie blender

If she takes care of her appearance and loves discussing cosmetics with her girlfriends, she is very well aware that beauty comes from within. Literally.

Consider a shake&take smoothie blender which takes less than 3 minutes for sleepy her to prepare breakfast including cutting her favorite fruit (verified!). Besides, its hand-friendly size will fit into almost any bag so she can drink the vitamins on the go.

Price: from ?5,000

4. Mini sewing machine

Mini sewing machines can quickly solve the problem of loose buttons and holes in your socks. And while tailors are getting busier with growing piles of orders when seasons change, you can give her this magic device and kill two birds with one stone making both of you and a pair of your socks happy;).

Price: from ?500

5. Yoga mat

There’s nothing that can spoil her workout more than a smelly slippery mat that leaves red spots on her body after the sweating session is over. Pay attention to that part when she comes back home from the gym all tired and hungry. Yoga mat can be just what she needs.

After all, remember that she burns off her calories to impress YOU with her shapely results.

Price: from ?3,000

6. Badminton rackets

The truth is, indoor workout sessions don’t work for all. So, if she is more of an outdoor type playing badminton can be something to keep both of you busy for a few hours. The good news is, you don’t have to be a professional athlete to swing the racket. But be prepared for some muscle pain the following day.

Price: from ?3,500

7. Hair straightener

Curly, straight, or wavy. It never mattered. All girls every now and then would like to show off with their perfectly straight shiny hair and she isn’t an exception. Make her day!

Even if she abandons it in one of her numerous drawers after a month of daily use, don’t take it seriously. She will still love your gift and come back to it on special occasions.

Price from: ?1,900

8. Black clutch

Another girls-only item. Just like shoes, bags are never enough. Go for universal black that matches almost any outfit. Clutches of smaller sizes are more preferable but make sure it can store her smartphone, lipgloss, keys, and a wallet.

Remember to leave her a note inside the clutch — that’s what she will share with her girlfriends over and over again:).

Price from: ?1,000

Last but not least. When you find what you believe will bring a smile to her lovely face remember to tell her how important she is to you. Women love with their ears.

Make her happy with JiJi:)