2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him And Her

With only a week left until the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day, millions of people are looking for the perfect gift for their soulmate. If you are lucky enough to have someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, here are some great gift ideas for your partner!

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1. For him

Here are five ways to surprise the special guy in your life:

1. Slippers

Slippers may not look like the most romantic present in the world, but a comfy, practical pair of slippers will definitely make the recipient happy. If your soulmate is a stylish man, then consider leather slippers or slippers from his favourite brand.

2. Duffel bag

If your partner is regularly going to the gym, often takes retreats into the nature, or simply loves carrying his valuables with him at all times, a duffel bag is an ideal Valentine’s Day gift. It will remind him of you whenever he leaves home with the bag or goes on vacation.

3. No iron shirt

For many men, a shirt is the only acceptable thing to wear to work. No matter who does the ironing in your household, getting an ironed shirt ready every morning can be a tedious task. No iron shirts solve this problem once and for all and allow you two to do other things besides ironing.

4. Beard grooming kit

If you’re in love with a man who is proud of his beard, a beard grooming kit can be the best Valentine’s Day gift you can ever get for him. You can buy readymade kits online or create your own using anything from shampoo and wax to brushes and scissors.

5. Noise-cancelling headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones have a variety of uses, and no matter what kind of a lifestyle your man has, he will be delighted to get a pair of those as a Valentine’s Day gift. In case your partner works from home or often flies for work, noise-cancelling headphones are a pure necessity for him.

2. For her

If you’re completely out of ideas of what to give your lady for Valentine’s Day, here are 5 gifts to consider:

1. Comfy pyjamas

Women have completely different tastes in fashion, but you can hardly find a lady who is completely impartial to cute and comfortable sleepwear. Pyjamas consisting of a shirt and trousers or a tank top with shorts will make your partner’s sleep comfier and will always remind her of you.

2. Instant camera

Smartphone photography has allowed us to capture every moment we want, but sometimes, you want a more sizeable memory of a special moment. An instant camera, which prints photos as soon as you take them, can be a great gift for a woman who is always on her phone taking photos.

3. Miniature garden

Gardening is a hobby that requires a lot of time and knowledge, but a miniature garden is perfect for busy individuals who want to quickly see the product of their work. Home gardening kits allow you to grow anything from culinary herbs to flowers on your windowsill.

4. Homemade sweets

Even if you rarely cook at home and are not particularly known for your interest in cooking, you can still surprise your significant other with homemade sweets for Valentine’s Day. Something like chocolate-covered fruits is easy to make and will easily impress your date.

5. Body care cosmetics

Picking the right brand of face cream or the perfect shade of red lipstick for your partner can be challenging if you are not exactly familiar with the beauty industry, but you can never go wrong with body care products. Simply pick her favourite flavour, choose some cute packages, and you have the perfect gift.

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