8 Interesting Facts About Artificial Intelligence

Every one us is aware of robots, smart cars, etc. A lot of films are made about artificial intelligence.

Are they true? Is this what is waiting for us in the nearer future?

JiJi suggests you to know more!


1. The “brain” of machines is capable of learning.

How does a human brain work? It consists of plenty of neuronic connections, and impulses go through them. In turn, impulses are caused by events and objects of outer world. As a result, people can learn because the events repeat, that’s why humans know how to act in different situations.

While developing the “brain system” of robots, scientists have made it in the same way. Why are robots able to fulfil more and more things? Because they can learn. And it’s amazing!


2. Powerful corporations now develop artificial intelligence.

Yes, companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon now invest and evolve the artificial intelligence, because it can make human life easier and less cost-based in future. Also it’s a great way to save time spent on day-to-day actions (like taking your children home from school) in order to spend time with pleasure.

Moreover, do you remember Siri, the product of Apple Inc? It’s also powerful thing, capable of answering more and more (even complicated!) questions. It sounds like magic!


3. We face AI every day!

Hey, what are you holding in your hands right now? Is it your smartphone? 🙂 Researches have shown that two thirds of people in the world possess smartphones, not simple telephones. And multitasking of these marvellous devices is caused exactly by the ability for intelligence. If we continue comparing this to human brain, we can also see the ability of people to hold a variety of things in a head.


4. AI is able to process human language.

How can your Android or Windows Phone perceive the information you are saying to it? For instance, it’s widely used in search engines. Moreover, have you heard on the computer of Stephen Hawking? This one can actually articulate the words of its possessor!

5. Neural Talk – ability to build up the sentences.

A few weeks ago the scientists of Stanford University released the mechanisms able to explain what’s going on different photos. For instance, it can encompass great amount of objects, define them and afterwards, build up a sentence. Yes, there is a lot of work for scholars (they have to teach the machine to be able to notice more and more objects), but this experiment is extremely inspiring!

6. 10% of all research engineering are conducted in AI sphere.

We have already mentioned the interest of big corporations to artificial intelligence, but this number is proving that we live in highly technological world. Soon every country will face the great changes – and now we are the witnesses of how all of these processes run. It’s fascinating!


7. What about ethics?

The thing is, that with the entrance in a new, highly technological world, people (and robots) should take account on law and morals. If the automatic car had an accident, who is guilty – the possessor of the car or the manufacturer? What about emotions – will robots be able to feel them? And if yes, how can humans regulate the lives of almost self-relient creatures?

So, there are plenty of issues to be solved. It’s both philosophical and practical question.

Thinking robot

8. But… the great minds of the Earth argue whether AI is actually necessary and useful.

Recently Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking have expressed the opinion that in the nearer future, AI will become even smarter than people. And it’s a great danger. Have you seen the Terminator Saga? These films may have been made with a kind of message. Therefore, should scientists stop where they are now and live happily with what they already have?

Well, it’s for you to decide. Talk to your family, friends, colleagues – it’s an interesting topic to discuss.

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