Drink As A Pro: TOP-5 Tips From A Wine Steward

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The art and science of wine drinking involves curiosity, patience, and strong health;). The deeper you drill into the nitty gritty of wine making, the more appreciative you grow for those infamous hard-working vintners with rolled-up sleeves who make every drop count.

If you have already eaten your 18th birthday cake, chances are, you usually nab a particular type of wine – red or white – in the supermarket beside your house. While both types require similar amount of time and energy to produce, let’s find out what wine stewards say about expert wine drinking.

 1. Benefits of wine

Red wines are normally made of grapes with skin which contains tannin creating rich flavory taste. White wine is made of skinless grapes featuring summer crisp and fruit aroma. If consumed responsibly, both types of wine reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, prevent cancer cells from growing, and relieve stress.

2. Food and wine

By drinking wine with certain meals you not only enhance food taste in your mouth, but most importantly you show respect to enormous effort confined in the bottle standing on your table. As long as you consume no more than one glass of of this noble drink per day (that’s three refills, fair enough!), here’s the table to help you combine specific wine with various food products.

3. Types of wine glasses

Deep for cereals, flat for chicken. That’s how much we care about plates. But when it comes to wine glasses, it’s not all that simple. Depending on what camp – red or white – you belong to, your wine choice will dictate the shape of glass for your tasting activities. The following table helps you find the perfect wine match. When in doubt, simply pour wine until you reach the curve.

4. Holding your glass

As with beer mug handles, your wine glass stem has been designed to prevent the drink from heating. Holding the glass by its stem, you let your wine interact with air which enters the glass without unnecessary temperature rise caused by your warm fingers.

5. Tasting wine

Let’s take a peek behind the curtain, and find out how wine stewards taste various types of wine. Note: proceeding to step 4 from the following guide first inhale wine aroma from your wine glass and then take a sip. Exhale while swishing it around.


In mood for a glass of good wine? Find it on JiJi!