Reputation: 5 Steps To Build A Strong One

Building a good reputation is essential for you no matter whether you are a CEO of a big company or a swamper. Remember, your good reputation will always help you find the people who will recommend you as a good specialist therefore bringing you more sources of income. Besides, a good reputation is able to bring you respect and recognition which is a very important tool to increase your self-esteem.

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Step #1 – Get rid of everything negative

1To start with, you must get rid of all negative sides of your personality. Get off the laziness, envy, and gossiping about other people. Avoid in any ways talking negatively about your colleagues and co-workers even if they might be wrong. True reputation cannot be built through nasty language and dirty mouths. Make people aware you are not a good company to dirty talk about someone as you are higher than that.

Step #2 – Work hard & improve your skills

2It might sound simple to you – “work hard”. It does sound simple, but very hard to do. Many people nowadays spend lots of hours chatting on Facebook, liking photos, “pocking” each other, in other words doing nothing.

3But if you got used to using gadgets everyday and it is hard for you to abandon them at all, a good advice of spending your time with these devices can be reading a book or taking up online classes and trainings which could upgrade your professional skills. Take your time to expand your knowledge, and remember – “One lives and learns”.

Step #3 – Devote your time to help others

4This is the sure way to build a strong reputation if you don’t spare your time to help your colleagues. Whether it is a new computer program your friend can’t make a head or tail of, or a project your colleague needs new fresh ideas for. Show you are ready to share with people the most precious thing you’ve got – your time – and they will answer you with respect and gratitude, therefore raising your reputation.

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Step #4 – Be involved in everything


Become a part of every occurrence that is going on in your company. Whether it’s a social event, charity drive, or something else, become a part of the community. People will notice you, and so they will talk about you. And the things they will be saying about you will be the good ones as you are the kind of personality who is always ready to help. This will certainly play a good role in the process of building your good reputation.

Step #5 – Do what you say and say what you mean

6People are self-protective creatures and very few of them are ready to risk. Most of them prefer dealing with people who are reliable and keep their word. So be punctual – if you said you’d meet your colleague at 4 p.m., do it! Do what you promised – if you said you’d help your co-worker to manage working on that new corporate tablet he was given last week, keep you word!

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