5 Online Dating Messages That Won’t Get A Reply

Almost everything nowadays has its starting point on the Internet. People search for work on the Internet, people do online shopping, and they start their relationships there. The very first step in any relationships is the first date. In our case it is an online first date which starts from the online messaging. So read the top 5 messages you should avoid writing in order to not get turned down.

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#1 message:

“Hi how’s it going? I was just viewing your profile, and I’d love to know more about you.”

-7pIlC40rXYWell, alright, boy!  You have started pretty well, but still, if you’d really found something interesting about me and your attention has been captured by something unique, then you must specify what that is. Besides, you could include the questions what you are interested about to make me believe you more. Otherwise, your message looks like an old useless pattern.

#2 message:

“Just came across your profile randomly. You seem like an interesting person? You are attractive. Would you like to chat?”


Did you want to humiliate me somehow saying you “randomly” came across my profile and that I am just another one in your 100-girls’ list? And saying I’m attractive is like stating a fact. Do you really think I’ve never heard such compliments before? And no, I have no desire to chat with you after all. I better go and talk to my dog. He is a way much more polite.

#3 message


cJxQha1jXPkUnless you’re a famous American rapper or far over 70 years old using Caps Lock, you are better not screaming at me! Besides, these shortened versions of the words don’t seem like I am reading a message from a literate person. On the contrary, maybe there is something you want to hide? Like bad grammar skills. Hmm, am not sure I want to ever start communicating with you.

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#4 message

“Gorgeous, text me” (insert phone number here)

SV0eBA-BSRAThere are two variants here – you are a maniac trying to stalk me once you get my phone number; second – you just didn’t bother to spend some more time viewing my profile and getting to know more about me. You’re just sitting there on the other side of the PC and spamming every girl who looks more or less well. I don’t feel special and your message didn’t get me at all. So my reply is “ciao, boy!”

#5 message

“Hi. I’m (insert name here). I’m a part time dad (or mom) to a beautiful 5yr old who is my world and my everything. I just want to be up front right away as I don’t play games or believe in wasting anyone’s time. So if that’s an issue let me know. I work full time and have my child every other weekend but as I’m lucky to have a job where I work 4 10hr days I do have free time for someone special. I’m not into clubs or bars but occasionally go to a pub for sporting events. I’m very outgoing as I love to talk about anything and everything. I love kids and animals, going for walks, being outside, whether at the beach or just walking or on the patio having a drink. That being said I also love watching movies and cuddling with my significant other I miss that. Sidenote, there’s no baggage or drama with the mother we split after our daughters first bday in case u were wondering. Sorry if it’s too much too soon I wear my heart in my sleeve and will always share my feelings. It’s who I am. Better to be blunt than to say nothing I figure. Anyways just wanted to say hi hope you had an awesome weekend.”


All I have read from this message is “Hi”. Then I will probably proceed with the click on “delete” button. And your heartbreaking confession will fall into oblivion. Just tell me what’s the purpose of such long and completely unneeded first message? To make me laugh, cry or feel the empathy to you? Do I really seek for it or I just want to find a normal optimistic guy who I’d be enjoying spending time together? Right, the second one 🙂

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