How To Reduce The Fuel Consumption Of Your Sports Car?

For many families, expenses on car are one of the most important expense item in the family budget.

Therefore, every person who has a car should know how to save the fuel!!


We will give you a simple and feasible advice on how to save some fuel — if you follow it, you will soon notice that you visit the fuel station not as often as you used to.

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Maintain correct tire pressure

You can reduce fuel consumption by approximately 3.3%, if you will maintain correct pressure in tires of your car. If the tires are insufficiently inflated, it leads to increasing the surface of contact area and thus increases friction, which in turn leads to rising of fuel consumption. Properly inflated tires are safer and last longer.


Check the condition of the air filter

If you want to save some fuel, first of all you should check the air filter. Contaminated filter passes much less air to the engine, which negatively affects fuel consumption. Checking and replacing the filter is very simple: lift it up to the light – if the light doesn`t pass through it, the filter should be replaced.


Press gas slowly

A popular opinion that slow adding of gas allows to reduce consumption on modern engines is false. Add gas sparingly, while holding the revs up to 2500-3000. The motor is much more effective at medium revs than at low or high ones.


Choice of motor oil

Motor oil is necessary to ensure lubrication of all moving parts of the engine. But engine oil viscosity can be different. The less is viscosity, the easier the parts move and the less energy is wasted, so the less fuel is consumed. And vice versa.

However, when choosing a motor oil, you need to think of other parameters as well. For example, the choice of oil depends on the time of a year, the age of a car, the warranty terms and conditions, etc.


Reducing speed at traffic light

If you are moving on familiar route, try to calculate the speed of the car so that you don`t have to change the speed to zero at traffic lights.

If you see that you won`t manage to get through the traffic light, fold speed ahead and slowly, trying to approach the green light while maintaining a certain speed. In addition to saving fuel at the start, you will increase the comfort and safety of passengers, excluding extra acceleration.

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Reducing Cx

Cx is an aerodynamic drag coefficient. The more a car looks like a bar of soap, the smaller it is.

Careful studying of bodywork configuration allows you to efficiently arrange air flows along the car and reduce aerodynamic resistance. An important role in improving the aerodynamic qualities plays a front spoiler. To reduce the height of the front part of some “sport” models they use retractable headlights, which “are hiding” under the hood during the day. You can order aerodynamic tuning in any good automotive service.


Don`t gas in traffic jams

If you are an owner of a car that is equipped with an automatic transmission and you are in slowly moving traffic, there is no need to press the gas when you move, it`s enough to let go of the brake and the car will roll slowly forward.


Don`t seek for a cheap fuel

If in order to buy cheaper fuel you need to drive a few kilometers more, think whether it is worth doing it. Just calculate everything, you can spend more than you want to get.

Accidents Frequently Occur at Gas Station Convenience Stores

Additional equipment

Another opponent of saving fuel is air conditioning in the cabin of your vehicle. Due to it, the consumption of fuel increases from 5 to 20%.

You can say that this is hot and messy! Yes, but you will be able to endure to petrol station when you are almost out of fuel. Also, add here any other additional equipment: receiver, fog lights, stove, etc. Every additional equipment increases fuel consumption.


Choice of a route

Many GPS navigators are equipped with alerts about traffic jams. Sometimes it may save you a few hours and a couple of gallons of fuel.

Historical route 66

Choice of a gearbox

Also, when choosing an economical car, choose the right gearbox. Automatic gearbox spends 10-15% more fuel than a mechanic gearbox.


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