Improve Your Finances In 7 Easy Steps

Nowadays adults are surrounded with all kinds of financial problems. Some people worry about increasing their income, while others care about preserving and growing their financial possessions. No matter where you are financially at the moment, there are probably things you would like to change in your financial state. If you want 2016 to be your most successful year in terms of finances, check out our tips and take proper care of your money.

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1. Have a regular savings plan

Saving large sums of money is often impossible for people who have a limited income, but if you allocate a certain amount of cash every week and put it together with your older savings, you will soon realize this is one of the most effortless ways to grow your savings. The money you saved can be used for emergencies, put in a bank, used as an investment, or be paid as the down payment for your mortgage. If you have a safety net in the shape of your savings, it will help you make better financial decisions, which will ultimately improve your financial situation.


2. Find new sources of income

We’ll admit – this is easier said than done, but finding extra sources of money is actually possible. If you know a foreign language, are good at coding or design, then finding an additional freelance job is not going to be a problem for you. But even if you don’t have any skills other than you need for your main job, you can still get a bit of additional income – for example, by selling your old stuff on JiJi or running errands for other people.


3. Take care of your things

It’s no secret that if you take good care of your stuff, it can last much longer than it normally does. Clothes, shoes, furniture, appliances, smartphones and tablets, and many other items we all have in our homes require a bit of maintenance and care, and as long as you don’t want to buy new things every year or so, better make sure to provide that care, and you’ll see how much you can save when you don’t have to buy new furniture or electronics too often.


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4. Track your expenses

So much has been said about the importance of having a budget, and yet most people continue to ignore this important component of financial stability. A detailed budget will help you get a better idea about where your money goes. By using an online service or a simple Excel document you will be able to see the amount of money that goes towards different expenses like car maintenance, home bills, mortgage, food, education, transportation, clothes, etc, and will get a chance to limit your spending in one or more areas.


5. Enjoy free hobbies

A lot of hobbies require certain spending, which is why people who don’t have extra money to spend do nothing useful in their free time. However, there is a lot you can do for free or for little money that can benefit your body and mind. Reading, running, riding a bike, studying a foreign language online, playing board games – there are a lot of things you can do in your spare time without spending too much money. Don’t hesitate to try a couple of free hobbies!

6. Buy the right foods

Food takes a large part of any family’s budget, but you can easily spend less on food than you did before. First, make sure to buy products in bulk – foods like grains, flour, sugar, spices, pasta, and certain vegetables, have a very long shelf life, and the more you buy, the less they cost per kilo. Second, don’t buy separate cuts of meat – by purchasing a whole chicken or a large piece of beef you can save a lot of money and store the extra meat in your freezer.


7. Grow your own vegetables

Fresh vegetables are an extremely good addition to your diet – they’re nutritional, filling, and very versatile. However, buying fresh veggies can often be rather expensive. The solution, which is rather easy but still takes some time, is gardening – growing your own vegetables and fruits. Depending on the type of soil and weather conditions in your area, you can grow potatoes, tomatoes, onions, peppers, greens, and a whole range of fruit. Why spend money on something you can get on your own?


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