10 Best Honey Moon Destinations In The World

Imagine that the craziest day of your life (that is the day of your marriage) is over. You are finally done with all these furious relatives, grannies and friends circling around you two and saying endless toasts. Now it’s time to rest from all this fuzzbuzz and consider what place would be the best one to spend a honey moon.

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#10 – France


Whether it’d be Paris or some other French place, an old classy romance will never go out of vogue. Croissants, hot chocolate, and many many flowers on the streets – all of this can surely make you get even closer to each other. Besides, an ancient architecture and street musicians will be a free contribution to the creation of a truly romantic atmosphere.

#9 – South Africa


Going on a safari is an option for the most adventurous of couples who want to do something truly memorable for their honeymoon. You’ll never forget your face-to-face encounters with wild animals.

#8 – Hawaii


Being a part of the USA, this place still hasn’t lost its individuality and hasn’t become a part of a ‘melting pot’. Unique clothing, unique drinks & food, unique music, unique traditions – unique everything. Want your honey moon become unique too? Then there’s no time for hesitation.

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#7 – Australia


Australia is HUGE and so is the range of things you can do here during your honey moon. From tasting fine winery & food different every day to shopping & entertaining at nights. There is also a place to rest in case you get tired – a Byron Bay, the place where actually all honeymooners come.

#6 – Italy


Are you found of listening to beautiful languages, drinking good wine and eating pizza and ice-cream? All of that can be easily found in Italy. Go to Verona – place of eternal Romeo & Juliet’s love. Soak the atmosphere of romance and joy at once, and remember your honeymoon for ages.

#5 – Greece


Are you found of Socrates and Aristotle? Do you enjoy watching movies about ancient Greek times when there were beautiful gods and goddesses wearing gorgeous clothing & jewelry? Do you and your beloved one want to pass through time and spend your honey moon in the VI century BC? Pack your bags and head for Greece!

#4 – United Kingdom


The place of Kings & Queens, of Harry Potter and an incredible English accent. You don’t really like coffee? Perfect! As true Englishmen prefer teaa real flavored green tea. Tired of endless hot sunny days? Don’t worry – here you’ll get wet quite often. So be sure to take an umbrella with you. And leave all worries at home, as it’s gonna be a honeymoon full of new discoveries and a good mood!

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#3 – Disney Land


There’s no better place for a fairy-tale honeymoon for the bride and her Prince Charming than at Walt Disney World Resorts. Newlyweds can choose among three packages available – honeymoon, deluxe, and romantic escape. There are also special photo sessions & couple’s spa treatment available. If you are a true Disney fan, you may bring the whole wedding to Disney World with a customized-theme ceremony at the park.

#2 – The Maldives


At least once and at least for a month every couple should visit the Maldives. And why not go to this place of paradise for your honey moon? Just imagine white sand with tall green palm trees and unbelievably blue clear water.

#1 – Tahiti


Tahiti is a paradise that seems to be specifically created for couples and honeymooners. With over 118 beautiful islands and famous destinations such as Moorea and Bora Bora, Tahiti has all the ingredients to fulfill the need for an exquisite and unique honeymoon. Be sure to check out Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort where you will get a chance to enjoy the full view of the lagoon.

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