Lavender Details For Lovely Interior

This year all shades of lavender are quite popular and stylish. This color does not irritate the eyes, soft and a little bit unusual. Interior with it turns out airy, light, quiet, romantic. It is believed that lavender differs by sensibility, eccentricity, has some sort of magic,  positive energy. Today JiJi represents a set of fairy lavender interiors. Are you ready? can use lavender as the main color or additional accent. Color is suitable for the bedroom, nursery, living room, bathroom, in the kitchen it is better to do just accents. Lavender is often used in children’s rooms. This neutral shade is suitable for both girls and boys, but we can take advantage of numerous shades, which can be close to the pink or blue to make a difference on the gender. In combination with a variety of pastel and white, lavender relaxes and soothes. But lavender pretty cool shade, so you need to add orange, yellow or red, to warm the room.Most often, lavender color is used for the walls. But if all the walls in the room are painted this color, it can become too much. Therefore it is preferable to use it for only one wall. Lavender looks good in combination with white or light gray, so it is a suitable option color compounds.

The basic white color blends perfectly with the lavender shades. The living room is presented in white, and linens in lavender. Interior turns romantic and calm. Add the cream soft blanket and pillow on the bed, they will create a cozy and warm atmosphere.

All ideas can be realised with JiJi!

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Delicate lavender bedroom, a blend of creamy furniture, curtains and lavender walls makes the interior of the room a romantic and gentle.

Diversify white bedroom with lavender linens. Lavender emphasis can be done on the bedside lamp. The interior receives a tender, warm, andin  the bedroom spirit of romance will soar.

Originally lavender looks in the bathroom. Stylish men’s version of the bathroom, color – deep purple and white make the room bright, fashionable and stylish.

Modern living room is made in the powdery mauve tones. White accent is presented on a couch and chairs. Even painting has a lavender color, but it fits into the overall interior room, which looks stylish and at the same time elegant.

Lavender living room and a large dark brown mirror look impressive, the interior is stylish and elegant.

Violet shades are perfect for a child’s room. It is possible to issue different tones of violet band. You can decorate only one wall or all, and can only make the playing area. Lavender looks nice with pastel colors, beige and lavender bed furniture, saturated bright walls and laminate on the floor make the room bright, interesting and beautiful.

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Example of cozy interior with many shades of lavender, violet and turquoise!

Lavender color is very inspiring. It remains lavender fields in France, which are look like another world, where nature has unusual colors.
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