Best Working From Home Items To Keep You Productive And Entertained

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 and the subsequent lockdown changed the job market forever. Even if you have never worked from home until this year, that has likely changed in spring 2020. If you still work from home until the end of the pandemic or plan to work remotely for an even longer time, here are 10 items that will help you organize your home workspace.

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1. Laptop

If you do most of your work in the digital realm, a laptop computer is a must-have. Some consider desktop computers to be more powerful for various tasks like video editing and game design, but a laptop gives you much more freedom for travelling or even moving around the different zones in your own home.

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2. Office chair

While freelancers are often pictured working on their couches, this is not the best long-term strategy for your health and posture. To keep your back and other parts of the body healthy and working properly, you will need to invest in a comfy ergonomic chair with lumbar support and other features for safe work.

3. Desktop planner

While working from home, you need to take care of dozens of work, personal, and family tasks. There are many apps that can do it for you, but you can get a more satisfying and tangible experience with an old-school paper desktop planner and your favourite pen.

4. Headphones with a microphone

For the past several months, conference calls with co-workers have become the new norm for us, and the best way to hear and be heard during conference calls is with the help of a pair of good headphones with a microphone. Noise-cancelling headphones are an even better option, and when they are wireless, you can go anywhere without losing track of the conversation.

5. Surge power strip

When you have several work items that need to be plugged in at the same time – for example, your laptop, phone charger, and an additional monitor – there is a risk of a power surge. You can easily avoid this risk and safely plug in several devices at once with a modern surge power strip. Some even come with additional USB ports for charging your smaller devices directly.

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6. Desk plant

With working from home and taking care of the family, you may think you already have enough on your plate. However, a small desk plant can easily spice up your working hours. It requires very little care, but a lively green plant will cheer you up every time you look at it and will compel you to take a break once in a while to water it.

7. Thermal mug

Working at home instead of the office doesn’t mean you’ll drink less tea or coffee. In reality, you will probably drink even more of your favourite hot beverages. To keep them hot for a longer time, invest in a thermal mug that can maintain the necessary temperature of your drink for an hour or more.

8. Desk light

If you mostly work during the day and your desk is located by the window, you can probably get away without an additional source of light. However, if you often work at night or if the lighting situation near your home workspace changes frequently, your well-being will benefit from a desk light that supports intensity and tone changes.

9. Stationery

Even if nearly 100% of your work happens on your computer, there are many situations where you may need your own stationery set: for example, when you need to write something down, help your children with a DIY project, or fill in an application form. The stationery set you choose should be not only high-quality and versatile, but also fit your aesthetic.

10. Water bottle

When you sit at your desk all day, it’s hard to meet the requirements for your daily water intake. A generously sized water bottle, filled in the morning, will help you stay hydrated and meet your water intake goals without constantly going to the kitchen and back.

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