Luxurious And Laconic Design For Roomy Kitchen Kitchen – it is not only the most efficient solution for small apartments, but also popular fashion trend. Such a decision under any area of ??an apartment can turn a standard and typical interior in an original and stylish apartments. Comfort and versatility, elegance and ergonomics – this is what separates the studio kitchen from the standard layout.


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Kitchen-studio: a rational decision or fashionable fad?

Before you choose this way of interior solutions for your property, you should analyze all the advantages and disadvantages of the kitchen-studio. Of course, if the kitchen was originally a part of the living room, no issues except for a correct choice of the organization of zones, to such layout does not arise. But if to create a studio kitchen requires the demolition of walls and combining of separate rooms, the owners must weigh the “pros and cons”.

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Note! It should be remembered that the creation of a kitchen-studio from ordinary apartment “from scratch” is quite expensive, so you need to be prepared for significant spending to get a decent result.

Unconditional advantages of studio kitchen:

  • Getting a bright and airy room instead of two small and dark, as in a room natural lighting will be provided with two windows.
  • The ability to organize a party with lots of guests and freely arrange of them in a spacious room with a dining area.
  • Getting a spacious room for a family holiday at home: in the spacious studio you can easily accommodate both adults and children.

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But you must be prepared for the presence not all pleasant food odors in the living room: not every cooker hood will be able to cope with the food flavors. In addition, in a small apartment when combined kitchen with a living room lost the opportunity to retire: the lack of separate rooms is a stumbling block, if the rhythm of life is not the same dwellers.

Note! All space of kitchen-studio is in sight, so it is important to consider reasonableness and harmonious combination of all the details.

The nuances of zoning and finishing of kitchen-studio

Separation of the space results into several functional areas is not only a good stylistic trick, but allows you to place all the necessary details of the maximum rational. The best methods of zoning:

  • Partitions, shelves and shelves. Partitions of metal, wood, drywall and glass are used to separate the kitchen from the living area. Each type of partition for a particular style, for example, glass suitable for minimalist interiors and wooden fit well in country-style. Use racks or shelves as a curtain in the kitchen-studio is not only divide the room into zones, but will be an additional location for useful things and decor.
  • The bar is considered to be an excellent solution for small apartments, because it is often used in place of a full dining area. In addition, the bar turns kitchen-studio in a stylish and contemporary space.
  • or multi-level ceiling. Using a different level of the floor or ceiling for the kitchen and the living room is a good way to highlight areas in a single room.
  • Lighting. Using a variety of lighting stand lamps, a particular shade of light creates a visual sensation of separation space into zones. Special attention designers pay to LED ribbons as an ideal recreation and cooking area illumination.
  • Decorating the room. Different type of wallpaper and floor coverings allow for air border of the kitchen-studio, for example, tiles in kitchen and laminate flooring in the living area.

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