7 Tips For Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

The importance of having healthy teeth throughout your life cannot be overrated. Problems with teeth affect every part of our lives, so if you want to avoid these problems, do whatever it takes to keep teeth in a good condition for as long as it’s possible. Want to have perfectly healthy teeth and a brilliant smile? Then follow these 7 tips!

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1. Keep a healthy diet

There are not many things that affect your oral health more than the food you consume. A diet that is good for your smile should consist of foods that are rich in calcium – mainly, dairy. Eating fruits that are rich in vitamin C is also good idea – in addition to maintaining your teeth, it’s also great for your gums. What you should stay away from is sugary foods – sweets, chocolate, cakes, sugar drinks, etc. Leftover sugar is the birthplace of bacteria that will eventually ruin your smile, so try to avoid sugar as much as possible.


2. Brush regularly

We know this may sound like the most boring advice, but brushing helps eliminate the majority of dental problems. Regular diligent brushing doesn’t just distribute toothpaste all over your teeth – it also gives your gums a massage, cleans the remaining food out of the teeth, and helps keep your mouth in a perfect condition. Remember to change toothbrushes every 3 to 4 month – they are prone to accumulating bacteria, which can also be dangerous for your teeth. If you have sensitive teeth and gums, avoid brushes that are too rough.


3. Clean after meals

It’s clear that giving your teeth a regular brushing after each meal might be time-consuming or even have a negative effect on your oral health due to constant stress from the brush. However, after meals there is a certain number of foods that remain inside our mouths. You have two easy solutions for this problem. First, you can give your mouth a rinse with clear water or special rinsing liquid. Second, you can use a chewing gum to get rid of traces of food and keep your teeth clean.


4. Don’t start (quit) smoking

Smoking is one of the worst habits in terms of your overall health, but in addition to your respiratory system, smoking can also ruin your teeth. You can always tell when someone is an avid smoker by the way their teeth look and their breath smells. This is why it’s best not to ever start smoking, but if you already did, now might be the best time to quit it. You’ll do a huge favour to your body, lowering the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, and your teeth will look and feel better than ever before.


5. See a dentist regularly

The dentist’s office is hardly a favourite destination for any kid or adult, but the truth is that paying a regular visit to the doctor is the main requirement for always having a healthy and shiny smile. Even if you don’t think you have any dental problems at the moment, going to a doctor will help you find out if there are some hidden issues that need to be taken care of right now so that they don’t bother you in the future. Plus, a doctor will be able to recommend you dental care methods and products that will work best for you.

6. Clean your tongue

This might be something no one told you about when you were a kid, but having a clean tongue plays an important part in your overall dental health. Our tongues host large numbers of bacteria that can sometimes be harmless, but paired with other bacteria or external influence can turn into a dangerous threat to the health of our teeth. The tongue needs to be cleaned at least twice a day during your regular brushing. You can use a special tongue cleaning tool called a scraper, or the back of your toothbrush (if it has a gritty surface suitable for tongue cleaning).

7. Use your teeth only for food

If you think your teeth are invincible and are perfect for doing a whole range of things, from opening bottles to cracking nuts, think again, because chipped, cracked, or broken teeth not only ruin your look, but can also lead to major dental problems. Try to not use your teeth for anything harder than chewing on a fresh apple, and leave tasks like ripping the packaging or uncorking bottles to special tools. Also it’s important to protect your teeth during sport activities and riding a bike – for example, by wearing a mouthguard or a helmet.


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