Little Design Trick – Big Floor Vase

???? ?????????From ancient times, floor vases are the perfect interior decoration. The first vases appeared during the time of ancient civilizations, but they were not for flowers.

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The ancient Greeks created the elegant clay vases that decorated the house and were used for storing amphorae, solids and liquids. In the Middle Ages, floor vases became mandatory attribute of interior in the homes of aristocrats and the rich people. And to this day they are used for the interior decoration of apartments, country houses, hotels, shopping malls, offices, and are a symbol of prosperity and wealth.

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Floor vase – an elegant touch to the design of the room, which highlights the style of the interior. Many people underestimate the value of the vases and consider them trinkets. However, a beautiful floor vase can make the interior more interesting and beautiful, add zest to it.

Floor vase is assumed one with height from 40 to 90 cm. Vases height of less than 40 cm is better to put on the table. Floor vases are made of various materials – pottery, porcelain, earthenware, glass, metal, wood.

The most common material is ceramic and its variants – porcelain and earthenware. Most antique vases made from these materials. Production of porcelain floor vases – a fairly time-consuming work. They need to be created, painted, burned, glazed, and therefore price of such vase is high enough. Extremely luxurious look an antique ceramic vases, in antique or ethnic style. No less beautiful classic vase with stucco and painted.

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Cheaper, but no less elegant deemed glass floor vases. The thing is that the process of making glass vases differs by ease and speed. They may have the most intricate shapes, different colors and quirky appearance.

Also today, very popular wooden and metal floor vases. Wood, bamboo and bronze versions are successfully entered into the room, decorated in ethnic style. Metal vases will be an excellent complement modern interior in hi-tech style. The interior in the style of minimalism decorate concise wooden floor vases.

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For floor vase need to find a suitable place. Around it should be enough free space, so it is ideal for large spaces, but in a small room cluttered with furniture, it will be inappropriate. Place the vase in open spaces in the free corners of rooms, spaces between furniture and the windows. The color and texture of the vase should be in harmony with the overall interior room and other decorations.

Floor vase – a self-contained piece of furniture, so it is not necessary, something to decorate it. However, it is possible to deliver live or artificial flowers to create original compositions from branches and dried flowers. Observe the proportions – a wide vases should be large bouquets, narrow and high – single colors and elongated composition. The floor vases looks good with fresh flowers on high legs with large inflorescences.

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