How To Sell A Phone

For many people the only way to get a new gadget is to sell an old gadget and use that money for the new purchase. But if you’ve never sold anything online before, especially a gadget as complex as a smartphone, you will probably be confused by all the different aspects of selling a used phone. We recommend selling your phone on websites like Jiji – it’s a free, fast, and effortless way to sell your old gadgets or anything in the world. If you want to get the most out of this sale without any hassle, take a look at our tips and you’ll ace the selling process!

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Consider product cycles

A product cycle is a period between the times when a company releases two smartphone models. For example, we all know that Apple usually releases its new iPhone models in September, so the time from September one year to September next year is the iPhone’s product cycle. It’s important to know that in order to get the most money for your previous smartphone you need to sell it before the particular brand announces its next model, because after that your phone will likely be considered outdated and will sell for a lot less than you hoped. This isn’t just true for smartphones from the same brand – for example, a new HTC model can easily overshadow the latest Samsung models in terms of a successful sale.


Is your phone locked?

A lot of service providers lock the phones sold at their offices so that the phone could only work with a selected provider. Naturally, this puts a lot of restrictions on the owner and the person who’s going to own your smartphone after you, because if the phone is locked, the new owner won’t be able to use another service provider. If you know for a fact that your phone is locked, don’t forget to specify this information in your ad, because otherwise the new owner won’t be happy when he finds out about this.


Check the age and condition of the device

You may think your phone is an excellent condition, but even a short detailed look reveals a lot of issues with the device. It’s a well-known fact that smartphone models get outdated pretty quickly, but even if you have one of the more durable models, the age of the device plays a crucial part. Generally a smartphone is considered to be old after you’ve had it for two years. After that time you’ll only be able to sell it for a small price. However, if the phone has been well cared for and doesn’t display any signs of wear, you can try to sell it for more, but be prepared that the potential buyers will try to negotiate you into lowering the price.


Determine the price

How much is your smartphone going to sell for? This is a question that can only be answered by you. In order to choose the right price for your gadget, you need to not only include the age and condition into consideration, but also do a little online research and see how much similar models in a similar condition cost. When you compare your phone to the ones people are selling online, you will find it easier to find the fair price for your old phone.


Prepare your phone

When you’re getting ready to sell your smartphone, it’s essential to make sure the phone is ready for the sale. First of all, delete any personal data from the device, including contacts, emails, app information, financial data, photos, text messages, and anything that can be used to identify you as the previous owner in the future. Make sure to save the important files and information by saving a backup copy of the data on your computer. Then give the phone a good cleaning using special devices – don’t just wash it with a damp cloth, otherwise you risk seriously damaging the device.


Post your ad

After you’ve gone through all the previous steps, you are ready to create an ad for your phone on Jiji. There are two main components in any ad: the photos and the description. Avoid taking photos of your device from the internet – the buyers are much more inclined to trust a seller who’s posted genuine product photos instead of random pictures found online. Include high quality photos of the device from all sides. As for the description, it’s best to keep it short but detailed. Make sure to include a description of the phone’s age and condition, highlight any special features, specify if the package includes anything other than the phone, and post your conditions of making the sale. Post the ad and remember to always be in touch in case a potential buyer wants to reach you.


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