How To Connect Your Phone To Your TV

Connecting your smartphone to your TV gives you nearly endless possibilities for enjoying all kinds of content. You can watch YouTube videos, enjoy streaming services, and even watch videos you recorded with your own phone. Here are the most popular ways to connect your phone to your TV.

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1. Mirroring your phone

If you have a newer TV that is Wi-Fi enabled, you can connect your smartphone to your TV without any additional equipment. The only requirement is that your phone and your TV should belong to the same Wi-Fi network. Screen mirroring is a feature you will find on any modern smartphone, but it can have different names depending on the manufacturer: Screen Cast, Screen Mirroring, or Smart View. Choose this feature on your phone, select your TV as the target device, and everything happening on your phone will be displayed on your TV.

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2. Via USB

The absolute majority of modern TVs come with USB ports. They are normally designed for USB drives that you can plug into the TV and watch the videos and photos stored on your drive. However, your smartphone can also be a USB drive in this case. Simply plug one end of the USB cable into your phone and the other end into your TV and find your phone on the TV’s menu. Note that this solution only allows you to view the files that are already saved on your smartphone, so you won’t be able to watch streaming videos this way.

3. With an app

There is a range of apps for Android phones that allow you to share the screen of your smartphone to your TV. Apps like LocalCasts and AllCast are free, easy to use, and let you view the photos, videos, and even music stored on your phone not just on nearly any modern TV, but also on your gaming console. AllCast even allows you to stream video files from the Dropbox cloud storage, so you can save a lot of the internal memory on your phone.

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4. With an HDMI cable

An HDMI cable is probably the easiest way to connect the smartphone to a TV, but there is a catch: you may need to look extra hard for a cable that matches your setup. The thing is that HDMI cables typically come with one HDMI port on each side of the cable. That is why you will probably need an adapter that works with your phone. For an Android device, you can find an HDMI to USB Type-C cable and connect your device that way. Apple users will need to search for a Lightning to HDMI adapter that can finally let them play their videos and photos on their TVs.

5. AirPlay

If you’re a lucky owner of two Apple devices, an iPhone or iPad and an Apple TV, you can connect your device to your TV wirelessly in a matter of seconds. When you play a video file or watch a streaming video on your phone, simply tap the AirPlay icon to share the stream to your Apple TV. You will be able to use all the controls you want for the video, including rotating and zooming the image.

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