How To Deal With Driving Distractions

If there is one thing you need to devote your full attention to, it’s driving. There are so many accidents happening because of the drivers being distracted that now it’s a global issue. Among the dozens of distractions that can turn your attention away from the road there are the most frequent ones. If you ask a driver if he’s ever been distracted while driving a car, he will likely admit to answering the phone or smoking behind the wheel. Find out about the most widespread distractions for drivers and how to avoid them.

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If you look at the traffic accident statistics, you will probably find that texting is the most common distraction that leads to collisions. Texting is a great invention that allows you to quickly and efficiently communicate with your friends, but there is a time and place for texting, and driving a car isn’t one of those places. Whenever you’re behind the wheel and receive a text, fight the urge to grab your phone and reply immediately – better wait until your next stop to maximize your safety.


Pressing controls

If you have a relatively new car that allows you to tune your driving conditions to perfection, you may want to set up the thermostat, turn on cruise control, or start the recirculating process while driving the car. However, pressing the buttons and waiting for the results are a major driving distraction that can lead to a serious accident. In this case you have two options. One is to only play with the controls of your car during a traffic stop or while your vehicle is parked. The other is to memorize the position of the needed control buttons to press them whenever you need without even looking at the control panel.


Looking for directions

When you’re driving through an unknown location, you have several ways to avoid getting lost. First, you can use the good old-fashioned map to get the necessary directions. Second, you can take the most out of modern technology and use your mobile phone or tablet and access the maps online. Third, you can call someone who knows the location well and ask them how to get to your desired destination. But make sure to do any of these things while your car is not moving, because being distracted by a map or a phone call can lead to negative consequences.



It is generally believed that driving with someone is safer than driving alone. Another person in the car can warn you about the road conditions and prevent you from falling asleep during a long drive while keeping you entertained. Nevertheless, constantly talking to your passengers is also a major distraction, since you may become so invested in your conversation that you can easily miss an object on the road or a sudden change in the road situation. The solution here is to pay maximum attention to driving and let the other person in the car do most of the talking.



With the amount of drive-through restaurants and other places where drivers can buy food, eating in the car has become the new normal. At first glance, being able to grab a bite while driving seems like a great thing that allows you to save time and get to your destination quicker. However, when you are juggling your burger, fries, and a large glass of soda, you risk missing what is happening on the road. This can cost you a lot: at the very least, your car will be seriously damaged, and you can sustain injuries as well.


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