What Does The Check Engine Light On Your Car Mean?

The check engine light can be found on any relatively new car, and you barely notice it while driving when it’s not turned on. When the check engine light suddenly switches on, you can’t help but worry that something is wrong with your car. However, things are not always as serious. Here are the 5 possible reasons for the check engine light in your car.

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1. Disconnected fuel cap

In order to work properly and with maximum efficiency, your fuel tank needs to be tightly covered by a fuel cap. However, it can come off from extensive wear. There are even situations where you have simply forgotten to screw your fuel cap back on after filling your car at the gas station, but this problem is easily solvable. Tightening the fuel cap or replacing a worn out cap with a new one is an effective way to put your car back on track.

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2. Spark plug or coil issues

Unless you drive on diesel, your car has one or more coils and several spark plugs, depending on the modification. They ignite the fuel and air mixture in the engine and are essential for its correct operations. A malfunctioning coil or spark plug can result in more serious problems than an engine check light – up to the point where your car won’t start unless you replace the faulty coils or spark plugs.

3. Faulty alarm

Installing aftermarket alarms is a popular way to ensure your car’s security when you’re not in it, but there are also several problems that can come from a low-quality or badly installed car alarm. It can do anything from draining your car’s battery faster than you expect to preventing your car from starting. It can also trigger your check engine light, so if you already have some suspicions your alarm may be faulty, it’s another reason to get it checked and possibly replaced.

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4. Dead car battery

The battery may be one of the simplest components of modern, technology-packed cars, but it’s still essential. Modern car batteries run much longer than their predecessors, yet there is still a time when your car’s battery can no longer be used, and one of the ways to tell it is a check engine light that won’t disappear. You can try charging the battery if you need to be somewhere urgently, but if you have used your current battery for a long time, replacing it may be a better solution.

5. Failing oxygen sensor

Modern cars come equipped with oxygen sensors that measure the amount of air and fuel that needs to go into the cylinders to create the most efficient mixture. Oxygen sensors are very important for maintaining your car’s effective fuel consumption and environmental safety. A failing oxygen sensor will often trigger the check engine light. It’s not a problem you need to solve right away, but if you want to consume less fuel and keep your car’s engine intact, it’s best to replace the faulty sensor sooner rather than later.

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