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How To Sell A Bag

The profitability and success of any business depends on the correct linkages with suppliers and customers. Depending on the type of product, there is always an opportunity to entice the customer with product exclusivity, its assortment, quality, tempting discounts or low cost.


If your choice was the production of bags or other accessories for sale, the key to your success is a reliable long-term relationship with customers and low cost compared to other manufacturers.


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First of all, decide with the assortment. If you only discover any market or region, it is necessary to make a few test batches, after analyzing potential competitors. Track their range and value, look for those kinds of bags, which they don’t have in stock.



You can have the same success trading bags wholesale or retail. In order to implement such a model, you will need to set up a website with photos of bags. Specify the price for one piece in retail buying and possible discount for parties of fifty pieces.


Sales points

Independently look for sales points. Visit the outlets, talk with vendors of handbags to find out at what price they buy their goods and at what price they are willing to buy yours. If you can not compete with their suppliers, you can always open your shop.

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Discounts and ad

Store opening must be accompanied by discounts and extensive advertising. Remember that your goal is to attract more clients and develop their loyalty to your product. Use the cumulative discount cards, as well as discounts for additionally purchased bag.

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Product description

The description should be as full as possible: you should specify brand, type of bag (its purpose – sports bag, backpack, big travel bag, clutch, etc. This will help the buyer find it online via a search form), material (combination of materials), size. If, for example, this is a laptop bag with bag protection, be sure to describe this protection.


An important element of the product description is its cool photos of high quality, made from multiple angles.

Don`t lose confidence in any situation

Why do you need a well-established relationship with the audited suppliers?

In case when a buyer hadn`t found an available (or affordable) particular model bag of particular brand, but he liked the conditions of your Internet-shop (discounts, shipping), he might think that the needed bag is not in the catalogue and ask whether it is in stock.

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And then you order it wherever you can and make the deal!

Useful tip:

Remember that your bags must stand out from the mass, otherwise people just won’t notice them! Order the exclusive models by Burberry, Michael Kors, MulberryHermèsPrada, Marc Jacobs,  Versace, LonchampLouis Vuitton and other brands on Jiji!


Sell bags on Jiji – the most popular marketplace in Nigeria with more than 4,6 millions of visitors per month! Here you will definitely find your potential customers!



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